Sunday, August 21, 2011

Keep reading, it WILL get better...

Ok, by looking at the stats, someone is looking. 53 pages views since that last post went up but no one is speaking. I really would love to know just who is coming by my middle school classroom. At least comment a “Hi” before you leave. I really would like to ‘meet’ you and come by to read what you have written. Don’t just leave me hanging.

I can see where they are coming from. The forum is getting some hits, Rundes Room is getting a few but Sqworl is sending the most folks over. The numbers are not that impressive but at least that tells me I am not doing this in vain. I just need to keep posting this blog address on everything at the forum. Maybe it will kick start the readers.

I have only been posting since late July and I didn’t expect many folks in the first place. Now that school has started I can start blogging about my experiences, post a few of my own freebies, and commenting on other people’s blogs.

My blogs here will be random at best since I have another blog over at Xanga that I write for on a daily basis. This one has to take a back seat while I handle that one.

Visitors have ranged from 34 to two depending on the day. Sure there are bloggers here on TPT that have MUCH higher numbers but they have also been here forever. All I want is a few minimal sales. One or two would be nice. At that point I would start putting up more stuff if I even THOUGHT there was other social studies teacher out here.

I have gotten a few really good comments about my materials, some folks love them and said I am charging too little, others tell me what I am missing so that I can fix them. One person even told me he would have paid $5 for one of my freebies. Sure, my question is "Would he have even looked at it if it was $5?" Am I charging too little?

Class has been wonderful. It’s not that I ‘hated’ my last year’s class; it’s just that this year’s group is really a good one. I am just spending too much time worrying about being part time. I want to be full time at the school. I want to deal with the kids not worried about paying bills.

I have been asked yesterday about coaching girls basketball. It has been years since I did girl’s BB but I have coached both Rec ball and middle school ball. Maybe that’s my ticket to getting full time. I don’t know. I need to think about this.

Today’s freebie is: Archeology-thru-Clay-Pots

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