Sunday, April 30, 2017

This OLD guy just wants....

This OLD guy just wants things to go back the way it used to be...or there about. All I want is to go back before my mini-stroke, to life with the use of my cane, to a time when I could just walk around the yard, climb a ladder, do yard work. But, I guess that is not happening.

There are things that I'm happy for NOW but there are more that I'm unhappy for now also. I mean I do still get around - sort of, I still get my typing done on my TPT project - sort of, I still sleep well each night - sort of, my Doctor visits have gone really well - glad of that. But then there are things that have not gone as well as they could/should/would have.

I tend to sit around a lot more than I used too - sort of, I still go to store often - sort of, I still drive - sort of, I still go over to my sister's -sort of, I still go out to the country to mow grass - sort of, I still day dream of the things I want to do - sort of, and I still eat - generally better than I used to.

I still go to church on a regular basis and would even IF my wife did not take me, still eat a lot more veggies than I used to but they are good for you, I eat way to much juke food but NOT that kind, just normal juke food- if their is such a thing as normal. I just want to do my normal - or what USED to be normal stuff.

I do tend to sleep very well at night - generally 8-9 hours each night. Which is good, I guess. I'm still on "school time - up early. go to bed early". I still 'think' about school EVERYDAY which is good and bad. I tend to work on school items even though I do not have a class anymore.

"So I'm just this OLD guy wants things to go back the way it used to be...."

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