Friday, October 14, 2016

What to do now??????

For me, blogging is like doodling in the margin. But when life becomes full, or something happens to you, the margins shrink and blogging is one of the first things to go. For the past couple months my creative passions have been consumed with more prescient concerns.

I have been thinking, and thinking, and thinking. My brain has accepted the fact that the school job is gone. Now I need to think more about what other things I might try. I have thought about this that and other jobs I might look into. I have also looked at the fact that I need to 'see' myself as 'handicapped' and I stop thinking that way QUICKLY.

Since I had my mini stroke, I have refused to look at myself as handicapped but I have realized that there are things I used to do that I can no longer do. I don't want to die thinking "If I had....". I still want to live as long as my dad did are as long as my Father-in-Law has.

Therefore, brain, get back to thinking what if I try....

I will just be GLAD when this election time is over so I can get back to my real Facebook.........

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  1. I also feel like my blog is the first thing to go. It's so good for me to journal out my thoughts, but by the end of the day I don't feel like doing it. I'm glad at my new school I can actually check out the blog world or make a post. In those precious hours before the day becomes super hectic.