Friday, September 16, 2016

I have been gone a long time....

Things have been strange. The weather has been strange. Everyday has just been "another day" it my current life. I have been really doing 'nothing' except sitting around watching my Netflix Blue Bloods - episode after episode. Got lots more to see.

We have had our grand-daughter over a few times, my wife when back to work a couple of days a week. I have sat on the front porch staring at the nothing or catnapping.

Boring as it can get is the best way I can say it. I have just kept thing which has bored me even more. I have done .

I have been listening to Pandora but that's about all.nothing really for TPT. No real ideas. The only thing I have done is read the paper, read my emails, surf the web a bit but nothing has hit me.

Suddenly something hit me. "My Monumentitis", an artwork and ELA
project. Cool and interesting.

I have gotten a Jury Summons but got out of it "this time". Would have loved getting to meet and talk to people. But that wasn't happening either.

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