Thursday, June 2, 2016

Nothing clicks my brain into gear

Brain dead, slow, weak, do nothing,  in-a-fog.....

I have been creating nothing for the last couple of weeks. Oh I do have several ideas but have done nothing. I guess my brain thinks "it's summer" so I don't need to work. But I do need to work so that next far starts with a bang on TPT. This May has ended in a dud so to speak. I made some money but now like last August. I need to re-work a few projects, re-do some covers for a few projects, and get my thinking cap back on and begin working.

I have looked over hundreds of projects others have created and nothing strikes my fancy or clicks my brain into high gear. I want to create and I do have SOME ideas but my body just won't get up and do them. I have a whole series of BINGO game to do for every chapter in the Louisiana and American and World textbooks. And all of them would sell but I just won't start them. I have an idea for a new I-phone project and it would REALLY make money but I am still sitting on that idea.

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