Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Was to rain but hasn't

It was supposed to rain big time again today but hasn't. A lightning bold knocked out our power at 2AM last night and it was supposed to be restored by 2AM but then that was postponed til 4:30 AM then that was postponed til 10 AM. Then it was done and back on about 9AM.

This weather has been crazy. By 2PM it was sprinkling a little.

Now today the sun is out with rain no longer in the forecast - at least not for DAYS and DAYS. Which is all good for the month of May. As I told my wife, later in May or June or July we may be wishing for a little rain.

I did another TPT project for my store with even more in the wings....
I have a cause & effect work project also in the works.

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