Friday, March 18, 2016

Yes, No, maybe, well see...

I had a question asked of me late yesterday as a former coach, no a committee member approached me about having my name added to their "Wall of Honor" list for this year. He said the committee has been wanting me for years since I retired from coaching but I have always turned them down. Now I am being asked again.

This time they are stressing that if I do want to come back and coach I can and it will not hurt my chances. They want me on the wall because I have coached for so long - 33 years, plus umpired. I still am 'thinking' about it.

The ceremony is this March and they need an answer soon.

Yes, No, maybe, well see...

I have coached boys and girls basketball plus my REAL LOVE - girls softball plus umpiring girls high school softball, rec ball, and adult softball for years and years.

Yes, No, maybe, well see... I really, really, just don't know.

My heart says maybe, my brain says maybe, I just need to sleep on it for a while...

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