Saturday, January 2, 2016


It's the new year, whoop-t-do.  It's just another day in my book, another hour to just sit and do much of nothing. I did finish a few things for my TPT store.
I also got two others completed. Three chapters in two days and it felt good but now the book is done so now I have to come up with other items that might sell.
I want to do a simple freebie family tree which might get kids interested in knowing something about who they came from.
I don't want anything complicated but something simple - student, mom and/or dad, grandmothers and/or grandfathers. That's it. something to get them started.
Ihave been working on my own family for about 30+ years now. I got my wife's family researched back to about the mid 1700's but she is a French Cajun and they kept very good  records. 

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