Saturday, December 19, 2015

A very good and a bad day -

A very good and a bad day....

The good day came with me finishing a teaching/review too that I uploaded on to my TPT store site -
it is to be used as a review type game for my Louisiana history classes. It should work really well. It was fun to create and put together.

The bad day came yesterday and it deals with divorce, separation, or just bad blood or ill feelings. It started when my daughter called and wanted us to come for dinner on Christmas Eve her house. Not going to happen. It puts us in a RUSH to get to church that afternoon. She still has not even had her son over to their new house to meet her new boyfriend. She says she wants it to run smoothly but I don't see  that happening.

My wife and I are still 'all about church' and trying to do that BEFORE mass is not a good move. We have been doing a Christmas get together after mass for years and years and years. Well before even my mother-in-law died and that's was years and years and years ago. My wife has always been doing or helping with the Children's Christmas Eve mass - and year is no different.

My daughter GREW up knowing this because she even took part in the CE mass years ago and so did her children. My son and his children did - and are - doing that also.

Christmas is suppose to be about family and this year SHOULD be the same.

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