Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday blues.....

It is still lightly drizzling and it has gotten colder. I'm working on another set of Task Cards for my TPT account. It is going to take a while because it is on a chapter I HATE and don't really teach that well - Reconstruction. I love the Civil War - the chapters before and much after but I really don't like the Reconstruction Era. Never have. Sorry.

I began with...
Then I move on to items in this chapter. Next is the cover or title page I work on...
After I do this I begin all the background stuff such as pages, notes, back cover and everything BEFORE I actually begin the questions for this chapter.
It is hard to create cards for this chapter. My mind tends to wander and I find myself doing/looking at other things. I think of other things I can be doing.
The rain has stopped, the wind has died down, but it is still cold outside. I would rather be outside than here with these cards. I have quit working on them twice now.
It has been over 7 hours working on these cards and I just finished and uploaded it.
Time to start my next chapter, Ch. 12.

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