Monday, June 15, 2015

Next to last Explorer's trip #6

We Are headed this trip to one of my favorite places, The Myrtles Plantation. The Myrtles is known as the 13th Most Haunted place in America. 13th. The number is and/or was never factual. But the Myrtles latched on to it and it stuck. You see, 13th is an unlucky number and they wanted it. Any way, this is our first stop this Saturday morning.

April is a great month but my Explorers are looking towards next month I'm sure. Little do they know what's lurking today. The Myrtles tells the tale of secrets, cakes, children, a hangings, shootings, Indian burial grounds, and whisky. Oh, and lots of ghosts. My Explorers got them all.

The stories stared with Whisky Dave, the owner of the house and his running from the pre revolutionary war and his move to Spanish Luisiana. It end with his being shot on his front porch late at  night. the story unfolds thru choice of where he build his house, his slaves, and one up was always sticking her nose - of ear - into his business.

My Explorers listen very intently as the stories went on and on - good and bad, I have read both the actually accounts and heard the ghost stories - believe what you will - they are both interesting.

From the Myrtles we bused on to Greenwood plantation - or the rebuild Greenwood. The story runs in and around Richard Barnes and his family. The stories told of movies, the fire, and his family - AND the stories were told by Richard himself. My Explorers ate it up.

Speaking of eating, we headed back down to Baton Rouge and west to Randols in Lafayette were we had a crawfish dinner, some dancing, and great fellowship before heading home to Calcasieu Parish.

As we got home I began hear - when is the next trip - I knew that answer. New Orleans here we come - and already has been a great year.

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