Wednesday, June 24, 2015

New post from an OLD guy

I know that I'm old and worn out. I also know I was not this way two years ago. Two years ago I was one of these up and running older gentlemen trying just to get things done. I was helping the carpenters get their work don one afternoon when all of a sudden I felt my legs start to give way. I was dragging some old scrap from the back of the house to the side so I could toss it in our roll-off dumpster. I was just pushing the wheelbarrow I just felt my knees give way.

I basically just ignored it. I just kept on working but my knees just kept on hurting. Finally as the carpenters went home, I just set in the rocker on the front porch thinking it would get better. It just must have been to hot outside and I was doing to much.

By the next day it had not gotten any better. Now I began to worry, if only a small bit. I did go by a knee specialist and got a sot, called a 'Roster Comb shot'. It hurt like hell but I was 'told it would help'. I paid my bill and made my way out of the office. As I got to the parking lot, I stepped off the curb and my knee gave way. I fell to the ground. It was hard to get up but I slowly did and got to my car and drove to my personal doctor.

As I told them that I need to see her. they set me up with an appointment two weeks later. Not good. I struggled to get back home and just sat until my wife came home. At that point I told her what had happened.

At this point my life changed for the worst.

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