Saturday, June 6, 2015

Cutting grass is so peaceful.....

It was so calm, quiet, and nice this morning. I got to cut grass AND  someone cut the very back 5% of the grass I did not do on Monday due to the fact that was still wet out there. I left it and planned to come back today to cut it and behold....someone had already cut it - my 90+ year old neighbor, his eldest son, our uncle who lives cattycorner behind us....I have no idea. But someone did. Thank You - but I WAS going to cut it.

Any way I went ahead and cut the rest even though it did not need it - yet. It wont need to be cut till maybe next Friday/Saturday.

My wife is gone again teaching her last day of orchestra camp. Then she has an SAI fraternity meeting/supper/whatever tonight so I won't see her till late again tonight.

I have been mulling over the help wanted pages in the newspaper, contacting a company that sends out mailings, and just looking for some type of job that I can do and that will keep me busy. I hate to say it but the one thing I'm noting looking for is income. Sure, a little will be nice but I would rather something that would keep me busy.

As a former teacher, something would better than nothing. But then, right now I have to find just the right job. Something that will get me out of the house. A job that does not require a lot of walking.


We are keeping my grand-daughter today while her momma works. I don't know for how long.

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