Sunday, August 4, 2013

five days now

I have always been the go getter and no one has ever seen me slow down, so now no one is even stopping to listen to me. No one.

Most people including my wife, has not slowed down enough to really hear that “I have had a mini stroke”. She taught harp classes all week then work an expo for my son and daughter all day Saturday then our daughter in law and grand-daughter came over last night and stayed till after 10pm. Finally I went to bed, then she slept late and headed to church without really asking me why I wasn’t going. I have always gone.

My mini stroke was five days ago and I have been making it through the days alone. My clothes are hard to put on, real hard; my shoes are almost impossible; I have stopped eating because I know what the end results will be – no pun intended; and have not been outside in five days which is killing me.

Maybe I will get to really talk to her this afternoon. I need to go to the doctor tomorrow, to go to the physical therapist tomorrow, and go by school and dropped off my keys – which wife still thinks I am going back next Monday. At least the principal has heard me even though she still wants me there, but there isn't a chace for me - really!

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