Thursday, March 28, 2013

More of the same

IT is the “next” quarter and here we go again. The same old student is not doing his work, lying to this mother, lying to the assistant principal, trying to lie to me, and everyone is believing him – except me. He is telling people that he turned his work in and I must have lost it - NOT TRUE or either count.

I have had enough. His mother came in a couple of days ago in tears because she “saw him working on the assignment” but she never saw him turn it in. I did – didn’t see him turn it in. All this forced me to go through everything three different times – with no luck. I have taught 25 years and I have NEVER lost anyone’s work EVER! No matter what this kid says, I know my practices and he did not turn his work in resulting with a “0”.

The teacher who worked with him last year tells me that he tried this last year and the year before. Other teacher’s that have had him or currently have him tell the same story. The kid is a compulsive liar and he is mad because he is being held accountable by a “new guy” who won’t let him slide by.

All I want is to get the work and stop bitching about it, talke your punishment and get over it. Own up to your being lazy but he won’t. He has his momma – a fellow teacher – believing every word out of his mouth.

I don’t and won’t fall for his tricks.


  1. If mom can vouch for the fact that he's done the work, it might be necessary to explore why this student isn't turning it in. He MUST be gaining something by this (attention?). If she's so convinced he's doing this work, suggest that she take a picture or scan it and email it to you so you can grade a digital copy. Just a thought.

  2. Very good idea Erin. I will pass the idea on to his mom.