Monday, November 5, 2012

It has been strange looking through the middle school blogs recently. There have become so many, and so many have really great ideas. Used to be my own blog was on the first click for middle school, now it may be on the fifth click or later. I have to wade through so many to see my own. I guess I better start blogging more if I want to see it come up sooner.

I have not posted any new items in a while – not that I don’t or haven’t created any – just I haven’t posted them yet. I have created several new ones that seem to have done will with my own students so I guess I will post them soon.

Lately I have been emailing lots of teachers around the state and talking to others about what they do in their classrooms. Some of them have really great ideas but don’t work well in my setting. I have tweaked them and will try them again in the future. My brain is always working on “something new” that I can try first then release to others.

I just finished my Native American booklet which I have to say went okay even through it is going back to ‘old school’ because I don’t have access to as many computers as I used to in my old school. I will tweak it even more before next year to see if I can make it better.

I have taken material from my fellow history teacher and tweaked it to fit my own Louisiana history subject but I have to use it with my own students first before I post it. I think it will work but  I will not guess about it before I tray it myself.

See y’all again in a bit after a few things get tried first.

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