Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I DID vote, but I didn't win!

It is so sad but I guess I knew that last night’s election was going to go that way no matter how much I hoped and prayed. I know that my state again became a red state but it was not enough. I made my voice heard but now I will just have to wait four more years before things can get back to normal. I am so sorry for my kids and grand kids and great grandkids who will be paying off this debt for their entire lifetime.

I know my house price will come down and down and down. I know that my mom and dad’s old house will never sell and that I will have to work till I 80+ but at least I love my job. My wife has been offered an after school program from a new principal that she likes and he likes her and what she can do with a strings program.

I know my health is good at this point so I paid to hang in there and continue to do what has to be done. In our part of the country things generally aren’t affected by what those blue states decide but I fear for the next four years.

The one thing I really hate is our two congressmen are in a runoff and will duke it over the airways for another month. I am so tired of their bickering. I voted, my choice won, but with five guys in the race it had to come down to a runoff. I hated that.

I hope we can survive another four years without what I am hearing coming to pass. I love my country. My dad, and brother in law and fought for this land and I know that my father is turning over in his grave.

Oh well, at least I voted and made my voice heard.

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  1. I know how you feel. We can only hope for the best. I never thought I could make it through the first four years, but I did. I just wish we didn't have to endure four more.
    You have lots of neat ideas on your blog. I'm glad people like you are teaching middle school history. We need more of you! I teach fourth grade, but someday I hope to teach 8th grade American History. Right now, though, I love my fourth graders.