Tuesday, September 1, 2015

TPT is more and more

I guess I can't make real field trips any more so I just let students create them by way of brief six slide Virtual Parish PPt Field Trips to almost any parish in the state.

My students can produce the PPt at home, load it on a jump drive or a floppy disk a turn in in to me to grade as they get it done. An easy assignment.

But then I have always had my students doing some weird stuff but yet 'not knowing they are learning' while they ARE learning.

Yesterday was the end of the month and my TPT dashboard was why over what I had expected. It still is not FANTASTIC but it makes me happy and make me keep coming up with items everyday.

Put up my second set of Task Cards.
But this just two of 16 sets. Plus I'm going to do a Scavenger Hunt set of cards for the end of the year.
I did get my riding mower fixed this evening and it works fine but now I need to cut grass before it rains. And I need to go to the country and cut it also.