Saturday, July 20, 2013

5479 items to look at! WOW

Why is it that it is now Saturday and I am setting here going through all the 5479 “Freebies” on Teachers pay Teachers for Middle School? Surely I would have something better to do. I have saved over 500 items that I will then have to go back through so I can see it they are something that I can rework, tweak, gives me an idea of something else, or is just something I MIGHT use during the upcoming year.

I have looked at hundreds of items that I will never use, things that are to low lever for my own students, things that I wonder why teachers post them for middle school when they are relative for maybe 1st grade or lower. I have saved game designs, grade sheets, bingos, Self Assessment Smiley FacesSelf Assessment Smiley Face, Progress Reports, Jeopardy Bingo PowerPoint, directions PPts, Fakebook assignments, lesson planners, various assessment activities, 3-2-1 Exit forms, Printable Gradebook Sheets, weekly lesson templates, etc.

Now I just have to go through them and see which I will keep, which I will toss, and which ones I can use now!  5479 items took me all day to go through them and I am sure if I “refresh the computer” there are more now. The ones that do “click” with me will only click if I can tweak them to fit Louisiana history. Like the thousands of ideas I have downloaded over the years, many of them will fit nicely within what I am teaching at the time. I may not see them until April or May but they will get used, tested, and put on my own website. I will never repost them here on TpT unless they are very re-tweaked so that you do even recognized them as being something over than what they have become.
I only wish TpT would do real middle school social studies teachers and real science teachers and even REAL Louisiana history teacher, but then I might only be looking at my own stuff.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Looking for other Louisiana MIddle Schools

Here I am, the day after the 4th and I am reading blogs about teaching. Of course I have been reading them all summer long plus making, tweaking, and stealing ideas that I just might use this coming scool year. I have so many new and revamped ideas that I really can’t wait to start the new year. I know it is sad but I really, really can’t wait.

The new year will start soon enough. Heck it starts in the middle of August. I have really enjoyed my summer so far and I have been able to visit family in Florida, Texas, and Oklahoma. I still have capenter work to be done during July, dirt work to be finished this month, road trips that I want to get to during July…all before I start the new year. I am sure – but have not heard yet – about staff meetings this summer. We had them last year and the year before so I know they are coming.

I have been working on my calendar for August and September and just what I want to cover in Louisiana history. I have spent time looking for others who blog about what I do and I have yet to find anybody out there in the universe. I have scrolled around the web for months and I hope someone can help me locate SOMWEONE who teaches Louisiana history. I know there is not many of us but there has GOT to be someone else.

I will be back after I surf the web some more. I mean I just found Fifth in the Middle and all the state blogs but they all appear to be elementary.