Saturday, December 9, 2017

Snowed big time...

Snowed big time - for us anyway.  Of course everyone here in south Louisiana went crazy, went outside, built snowmen took a zillion photos, and all at 3AM in the morning.

My son texted my wife at 3 and then she woke up my grandaughter who was staying with us then she woke me up and we all had to go see. The snow was pretty and it was all lit up  from area lights plus the moon. They had to go take a lot of pictures, play a bit and I - the old gizzer - went back to bed. I've seen this before but my granddaughter had not.

Ffinally they came in and went  back to sleep. By 7AM it was still snowing and they got to really go play in it when they could really see it. My granddaughter's gloves kept getting wet and her fingers kept getting "frozen" so she kept coming in to warm them up. In and out, in and out, in an out, she and my wife went on to around 9 or so.

At that point they finally had enough and came in to really warm up, eat breakfast and thaw out. We saw photos of the whole area on the local TV station flooded with pictures of snowmen and snow photos of houses, kids, roads, everything all covered in white. It was pretty but by noon it was all beginning to melt away.

Friday-Sat night it got down to below freezing but no moisture, no snow, just cold. And for us, below freezing is REALLY COLD. In south Louisiana, 50 milies from the Gulf coast it is REALLY, REALLY COLD!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Lots has happened since......

Lots has happened since I last blogged. My daughter had day-surgery, I now know all the kitten's new names, I had my eye exam and bought new glasses, got a new credit card that covers people AND pets plus we have a Vet appointment tomorrow. I am STILL waiting on a time set up for my dental appointment and my doctor's appointmet is in a couple of weeks. Plus to add to all this my wife "said" we are going to go get new i-phones today - same numbers but new upgrades. I'll tell you about it if I see it.

My daughter had surgery on her abcessed hip which she said was unexpected and SUDDEN. She is better now but 'laid up' for a week or two.

The one kitten name I did not kown well but she became Shawdow, alias Black in her new forever home. And she seems to be doing well. The gray tabby became ours and his doing very well.

I had my eye exam yesterday and it went well BUT  expensive. But then again my old glasses are over 10 years old so I really can't complain.

We took both cats and dog to the Vet today for their checkups and shots. All news was great, Little Bit was just over three pounds now and very healthy said the Vet. Doc seemed a little stressed but tooks his shots like real trooper and then as we were heading out to leave he tinkled about a dozen times and pooped once. TJ, our older male cat did really well. He took his shots without clawing anyone.

We came home. I feed them all. They ate well. It's still cold outside and raining so they all want to stay inside. All are sleeping/napping right now.

Yesterday my wife and I went to get new iPhones. We upgrade to the 8's  - my wife from a 6 and me from a 4. My wife is giving her dad her old 6. He is 91+ and just 'wants' anything new.

I have uploaded a dozen hew items to TPT but no real sales yet.