Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas Party with family

It has been a long time since I had a get together with my family. My sister and brother seem to get together almost weekly since my 'baby brother' retired and even before. Bur me and my wife, NOT so much.

They recently had a Christmas party at a brothers house and as soon as we walked in my wife said "Oh wow, it looks so different...". My brother and his wife said "Y'all have not been here in a while..... We changed things around here over 3 years ago."

The house was all decorated for Christmas and we played "White Elephant". Exchanging gifts randomly with the clan. My brother's family was mostly there, my sister's clan was mostly there, and our clan was NON-EXSITENT. As usual.

They had tons of food which I ate very little of fearing my health issues. My wife 'seemed' to enjoy herself except she looked sleepy after a morning of working with her kids a the youth orchestra concert at the mall.

We came home with most of the same things we took over there. mostly due to that my sister took over my mom's place and made so much food.