Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas Party with family

It has been a long time since I had a get together with my family. My sister and brother seem to get together almost weekly since my 'baby brother' retired and even before. Bur me and my wife, NOT so much.

They recently had a Christmas party at a brothers house and as soon as we walked in my wife said "Oh wow, it looks so different...". My brother and his wife said "Y'all have not been here in a while..... We changed things around here over 3 years ago."

The house was all decorated for Christmas and we played "White Elephant". Exchanging gifts randomly with the clan. My brother's family was mostly there, my sister's clan was mostly there, and our clan was NON-EXSITENT. As usual.

They had tons of food which I ate very little of fearing my health issues. My wife 'seemed' to enjoy herself except she looked sleepy after a morning of working with her kids a the youth orchestra concert at the mall.

We came home with most of the same things we took over there. mostly due to that my sister took over my mom's place and made so much food.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Happy Birthday

During the American Revolution our Continental government was just forming and had few resources or facilities. Many important political discussions took place in the inns and taverns of Philadelphia, including the founding of the Marine Corps. A committee of the Continental Congress met at Tun Tavern to draft a resolution calling for two battalions of Marines able to fight for independence at sea and on shore.

      The resolution was approved on November 10, 1775, officially forming the Continental Marines.
      As the first order of business, Samuel Nicholas became Commandant of the newly formed Marines. Tun Tavern’s owner and popular patriot, Robert Mullan, became his first captain and recruiter. They began gathering support and were ready for action by early 1776.

      Each year, the Marine Corps marks November 10th with a celebration of the brave spirit which compelled these men and thousands since to defend our country as United States Marines.

      Today, 241 years later, we stop to observe and celebrate this day and to admire and say Thank You for the outstanding service our Marines have provided. Their dedication and spirit continue to provide inspiration and an important part of our national security.

Semper Fi, Marines! Happy Birthday!
My favorite Marine, my grandson.


Monday, November 7, 2016

I will vote tomorrow but not for who you think

I will vote tomorrow but not for who you think that's for dang sure. Donald or Hillary WILL NOT get my vote. I don't plan on wasting it on either of them.

I want a PRO-LIFE person who I can trust and will vote the way my Lord says vote.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Evan McMullin or Gary Johnson

No to Trump and No to Clinton but possibly Evan McMullin.... He has some class and a chance to win Utah at least. I want to say at least I voted in this election.

Both Johnson's running mate and McMullin make sense when they talk unlike Trump.

Vote McMullin or Johnson but VOTE.

Monday, October 17, 2016

From Gary's Reflections

Posted: 16 Oct 2016 12:00 AM PDT
Barack Obama met with the Queen of England.
He asked her, "Your Majesty, how do you run such an efficient government? Are there any tips you can give to me?"
"Well," said the Queen, "the most important thing is to surround yourself with intelligent people."
Obama frowned, and then asked, "But how do I know the people around me are really intelligent?"
The Queen took a sip of tea. "Oh, that's easy; you just ask them to answer an intelligent riddle." The Queen pushed a button on her intercom. "Please send Tony Blair in here, would you?"
Tony Blair walked into the room and said, "Yes, my Queen?"
The Queen smiled and said, "Answer me this please, Tony, your mother and father have a child. It is not your brother and it is not your sister. Who is it?"
Without pausing for a moment, Tony Blair answered, "That would be me."
"Yes! Very good," said the Queen.
Obama went back home to ask Joe Biden the same question. "Joe, answer this for me. Your mother and your father have a child. It's not your brother and it's not your sister. Who is it?"
"I'm not sure," said Biden. "Let me get back to you on that one.." He went to his advisers and asked every one, but none could give him an answer. Finally, he ended up in the men's room and recognized Colin Powell's shoes in the next stall.
Biden asked Powell, "Colin, can you answer this for me? Your mother and father have a child and it's not your brother or your sister. Who is it?"
Colin Powell yelled back, "That's easy, it's me!"
Biden smiled, and said, "Thanks!" Then, he went back to speak with Obama. "Say, I did some research and I have the answer to that riddle. It is Colin Powell!"
Obama got up, stomped over to Biden, and angrily yelled into his face, "No! You idiot! It's Tony Blair!"
And that is what's wrong with our government.. 

Friday, October 14, 2016

What to do now??????

For me, blogging is like doodling in the margin. But when life becomes full, or something happens to you, the margins shrink and blogging is one of the first things to go. For the past couple months my creative passions have been consumed with more prescient concerns.

I have been thinking, and thinking, and thinking. My brain has accepted the fact that the school job is gone. Now I need to think more about what other things I might try. I have thought about this that and other jobs I might look into. I have also looked at the fact that I need to 'see' myself as 'handicapped' and I stop thinking that way QUICKLY.

Since I had my mini stroke, I have refused to look at myself as handicapped but I have realized that there are things I used to do that I can no longer do. I don't want to die thinking "If I had....". I still want to live as long as my dad did are as long as my Father-in-Law has.

Therefore, brain, get back to thinking what if I try....

I will just be GLAD when this election time is over so I can get back to my real Facebook.........

Monday, October 10, 2016

Brain vs Body - final chapter

After being told about the AmHist job at the school I have always dreamed of my brain just could not stop thinking about it, dreaming about it, praying about it. It was just heaven. My brain just would not stop, Days went by.

But my brain was dealing with "wanting the JOB" and my body was dealing with "what if I fall in the classroom". It slowly became a slugfest - Brain vs body. One side really wanted to win the other struggled with the idea of losing. Winner takes all.

I had dreamed of this job since I started teaching in the very early 1990s. I just WANTED this job. God, please help me get this job. I can survive. It was only 'one step away' from my beloved teaching of Louisiana history. It is teaching at the same school I started at when we moved here in 1965 and one of my former student teaches at. I want this job.!!!!!

My body was telling me, reminding me, 'what if...',. It is still over a half-year of falls. 'What if...'. I know the stories. Then I opened my mouth and said 'should' to my wife. She came back with "I have been thinking the same thing".

It suddenly became an unfair fight. The winning side just became more one-sided. My dream just melted away.

Over night, my dreams just became nightmares as I thought more and more about the job. My drop foot issue became more prominent more pronounced.

The more I thought about it, the more I realize my life 'in a since' is over. I need to look into doing something else. My brain had lost and my body had won.

Today, I started to think more about my "trike" and the riding I can. Things are getting a little better in my brain. I rode it around to my sister's this morning, and I hope to ride in more each day. I went out to get a odometer to add to by trike so I can keep track of the mileage I ride for the doctor.

HOPE being the key word here.

Body 1, Brain 0.

Weight was down a pound this morning. Hoping tomorrow will bring better results.

Brain vs Body part two

My second step in this journey was taking the info the third doctor accidently mentioned. I took that info back to my own doctor and she said she was sorry, thinking I already knew the info, or that someone else had told me.

I now knew but really did not tell anyone around me. My brain just made excuses, so my "illness" went on and on. I told everyone what I wanted them to hear and I went on thinking about teaching, coaching, subbing, doing keeping things I used to do.

As it went on the doctor was making my appointment every six months then every three months. She was checking on my every movement. What I had to eat, my snacks, my medications, etc.

I was still "walking" the dog time  but I was cat-napping more and more during the day. It helped that my wife was napping during the afternoon too.

Then came the time I tripped and fell. I tried to crawled across the concrete but it hurt my knees. I had my phone and called my wife.
She could not help me so she called my sister, but she was out of town, She gave us a phone number of a neighbor who came and helped. Between the two of them I managed to get back on my feet. I told them that I tripped on a board at the bottom of the steps and twisted my ankle. I now watch that last step very carefully just to make sure.

Then came the next fall. I was trying to put up one of these campaign signs, you know, the ones with the wire stands. The ground was super hard and my foot slipped off and down I went. But this time at least I was in the grass. I crawled to our front porch, reached up to grab a spindle and worked to pull myself upright.

Won't try to do that again. It became just another mistake to "hide". when I went back to my doctor, my wife went with me, everything I tried to tell the doctor, my wife interjected. My doctor believed her, not me. From my weight to my glasses to my blood pressure to my walking/exercise.

I got out of there barely with my life sort of. My wife decided to buy me a trike - a three wheel bike now that the weather is getting cooler. I spray painted the back basket to match our town's team colors and our university team colors. I have ridden it some but decided
I needed to get a foot strap for the left petal. Now I am ready to ride around the corner to my sister's house. I haven ridden over there twice without them being home. our dog rides in the back basket just fine, He actually loves it.

This weekend I went out to our country house to swap the battery and cut the super high grass. It has been so wet, rainy, and then I had a dead battery also. But I got it all working and tried to mow 'some' of the grass. It was going well - sort of - til I hit a section that killed/chocked the mower. As I got off I was going to walk back to the car try and tow the mower when my foot got caught in the very high cut grass - hay of sorts - and down I went. I crawled thru the grass back to the mower and "pulled" myself up. My wife saw me fall. Finally she went an got the car to pull the mower.
It is still setting under a tarp out next to the old barn. I will get back to it sooner or later.
As we came home we decided to run to Walmart to pick up a few items for this
week. Found out that didn't have 'em. My wife suggested we run to Kroger's and we did. While there we ran into a lady we both know well who is now the Social Studies Coordinator for the school system.

She told me that our neighborhood school was looking for a 7th grade American history teacher NOW due to the fact the previous teacher was promoted to Asst. Principal.

My brain went racing. It's at the  school I have been trying to get for years and years and forever! It was my own school, the school I attended, my sister, brother, daughter, son, nephews and nieces attended.

More in the final chapter.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Brain/body debate

I have had a BIG brain vs. body debate for the last three years but it finally came to a 'head' yesterday. I guess I should begin from the beginning to be able to bring you up to speed. Three years ago I had a mini-stoke, a TIA, as it is known. It happened while I was helping clean up during construction of our new bathroom. Nothing major happen by I could just tell something happen. I 'tried' to finish what I was doing but just couldn't. I had to go up and sit on the porch.

I figured if I just sat for a while my problem would go away. Little did I know what had happened to me. The next day I decided to go to my own family doctor since I was still not feeling well. Her receptionist put me off and gave me an appointment - for a month later. I still did not know what happen, why I was feeling this way, nothing.

I got back in my car and headed home but stopped in at the office of a doctor my wife had used before. I sat for a good while, then visited with the doctor but got no real idea. As I was walking out to the receptionist I felt my left knee sort of give way a bit but nothing major again.

I paid my visit bill and start out the door. As I got to the curb I stepped of it with my left foot a dropped to the concrete. My first sign. I got up made it to the car and came home - bruised by ok.

Things did not get any better but I still manage to get some things done around the job site. But there were things I could not do. Basic, I made excuses that I wasn't feeling well, I over-heated, I got sick, etc.

The job got finished by the carpenters, tile mason, plumber, etc. All while I just watched. Still having no idea what had happened to me.

Months later I went back to my own doctor and told her my story. She checked me out and said I should have "been more forceful with the receptionist" but she did not really say what happen.

She sent me to the hospital physical therapists where they put me thru all types of testing. I could feel/see what they were doing but no one was telling me anything. I was begin to think the worse but still hopping for the best. I was still 'walking' around like normal - sort of, like normal.

This went on for a month or more. The exercises felt good but I could tell things were not getting better. But since NO ONE had said anything I just kept hopping for the best. It's all I could do.

Finally, I went to a third doctor for a x-rays and a consultation. There he made the mistake of telling me what my own doctor had never said - " a mini stroke. Months after the fact. Test, PT, visits, on and on.

Stage 1 - TIA
Stage 2 - TIA

Part two - tomorrow


Saturday, October 8, 2016

"trike" fixes and prayers

I spent time tweaking my trike this past weekend. I got my bike flags, order new 'flag' triangles do I could put new HS and college logos on them, ordered a foot strap so I could help keep my left foot on the pedal, and bought a mirror so I can see what's behind me.

I along painted the basket so the colors match my schools.

My wife says I should just "go" in the morning while she is still sleeping. and I guess I will. I would rather wait but she sleeps to late. By the time she gets up she says "it's too hoooooot!" then she won't go - or later it will be "too cooooooold!" and she won't go.

Once I get all my 'fixin's I will just walk the dog then take off. I have a phone, I'm in touch.

We did go pick up a battery for our country mower yesterday which is good. Hope to go out there and do some work Saturday morning.

We then when to Walmart without finding what we needed and then headed to Kroger's. While there we ran in to an old teaching buddy who told me of a 7th grade opening for an American history position at a school 3 blocks from the house. It would be my SECOND favorite teaching position. One it is at a school I have wanted for the last 27 years, a job that I have taught for years, an sometime I have been 'praying' for for years. The ONLY thing better would be to get the Louisiana history job at that school. Was it meant to be?

God, could you be talking to me?

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Got a "trike" yesterday

I got a "trike" yesterday, a Sun royal blue, three wheel 'trike' ,so that I can get a little exercise. I have to modify it just a little. I plan to spray paint the basket a yellow so that it matches my high school team's colors and my university team colors. I have ordered a couple of bike pennant flags to put my teams logos on them I can ride it around looking a little more in style than just an "old, handicapped guy".

Our dog seems to love riding in the basket. He enjoyed my practice run yesterday as I rode him over to my sister's and back. He never even tried to jump out, only banged at dog on her street.

I have adjusted the handlebars just to make it feel better, it has a large seat - almost like a tractor seat, which is cool. I hope I can get better at riding it this coming week. It still takes some effort going up a slight incline. It does not pedal backwards and only has one hand brake.
It has a low step-thru so that I can get on it with little effort. It carries my weight just fine. I am not wearing a helmet but that's okay in our neighborhood. Now that the weather is getting a little cooler I will want to get out more. My wife said it was my Christmas gift.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

It has been a long time again.....

I’ve been a public school teacher for over two decades, and over the years I’ve come to realize that my job takes up a large part of my life, my heart, and my mind. I’m married to a wonderful music teacher, but the fact that sometimes my job creeps into the space where our married life should be placed #1 hasn’t always been easy.

The spouse of a middle school teacher doesn’t always know what he/she is signing up for, and truthfully, neither does the teacher.
I hope the following open letter to the spouse of a middle school teacher provides a point of view that will enlighten and encourage in a space that isn’t very easy to explain, understand, or navigate.
1. The job never ends. It’s partly because we are excited about the work we are doing, and it’s partly because there is just so much work to be done. We are always going to bring it home with us. We are going to talk about it. If we aren’t talking about it, we are working on it. If we aren’t working on it, we are thinking about it. If we aren’t working on it, we are talking about it. You get the picture. All you have to do is listen, nod, and help us carve out space and time to get it all done.     

2. The exhaustion isn’t just physical; it’s mental and emotional exhaustion, too. We pour into students all day long – we encourage, we beg, we prod, we discipline, and we give, give, and give some more. They are on a roller coaster, and if we aren’t careful, we ride it with them. At the end of the day, we need someone to fill our buckets back up because our students aren’t going to – neither are their parents nor will the administration. It doesn’t take much – trust me. Just a little will do. 

3. Like any job, there are going to be good days and bad days. One day we will want to quit, and the next day we will feel like we are on top of the world. That’s because our hearts are in it, and sometimes it’s just because of the moon phase! We don’t want you to feel like you have to walk on egg shells.

Remember that roller coaster? It’s easy to get caught up in the drama or to become a part of it by telling us not to worry or to let it go, but it’s probably best if you don’t buy a ticket. The next day will be a new day. Just be there to pray for us and help us refocus. 

4. We do need someone to help us set up our room. In my middle school classroom every summer, the cleaning crew dismantles the room to deep clean. It is impossible for one person to put it all back. One person wouldn’t be expected to move herself into a dorm room or small apartment. So, yes, that means I’m comparing a classroom to a small apartment. We do have that much stuff. We spend an hour a day SEVEN times a day in that room. We would like it to be nice and functional. 

5. We love you very much, but the world of teaching, shaping other peoples’ minds, and the pressure, judgment, and expectations we are faced with each day from the government, administration, parents, students, other teachers, and our own need to do it all to the best of our ability, puts us in a fragile state of mind and leaves our emotions frazzled.

It’s hard to manage all that and then come home and keep up the smiling, kind words, and thoughtful gestures. It’s not that we don’t want to – we just usually don’t have much of anything left. This is the hardest one of all. We know it’s hard for you; it’s hard for us, too. 

I always think of the movie Freedom Writers (based on a true story), when the main character’s husband leaves her because she is “consumed with her students” and doesn’t have time for him. This scene makes me sad – like the kind of sad that hurts. She is blindsided by the fact that he is feeling that way. She never intended for him to be left out; in fact, she spent hours telling him about it.

But wait, that was the problem, wasn’t it? If you’ve watched the movie, you know the ending. If not, just know that she does an incredible work with her students, but she loses her marriage. We aren’t choosing our students over our spouse. I’m completely aware it seems that way, but we truly aren’t.

At the end of the day, we need and want you more than anything or anyone — to be our rock, supporter, listener, around-the-house helper, and biggest fan. We will never get that anywhere else, and if you can just hold on to the end of May, we promise we will make it up to you. At least I hope I will.

Modified from Julie Faulkner's blog

Friday, September 16, 2016

I have been gone a long time....

Things have been strange. The weather has been strange. Everyday has just been "another day" it my current life. I have been really doing 'nothing' except sitting around watching my Netflix Blue Bloods - episode after episode. Got lots more to see.

We have had our grand-daughter over a few times, my wife when back to work a couple of days a week. I have sat on the front porch staring at the nothing or catnapping.

Boring as it can get is the best way I can say it. I have just kept thing which has bored me even more. I have done .

I have been listening to Pandora but that's about all.nothing really for TPT. No real ideas. The only thing I have done is read the paper, read my emails, surf the web a bit but nothing has hit me.

Suddenly something hit me. "My Monumentitis", an artwork and ELA
project. Cool and interesting.

I have gotten a Jury Summons but got out of it "this time". Would have loved getting to meet and talk to people. But that wasn't happening either.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I tried...

I tried to go to the country to start my mower and cut grass but the show rain on the radar down in Cameron parish. As I sat on the front porch I began to watch rain clouds to the south. It looked ugly down there. It even looked like we were going to get hit with rain. We did not get a drop.

Cameron became 'dry' late in the day. Therefore I did cut some of my city grass and weed-eat some of it.

Monday, September 5, 2016

It has been....

It has been a long time since I have been here. Today is no different but it is Labor Day and I really I can't go do what I "really" want to do because of the dang rain. It seems like I have been stopped every few days because of the rain. The days it does not rain it HAS  rained which makes my yards soft and mushy.

It has to hot to go outside. I tried to weed-eat the fence-line around our yard but it was to dang hot. I want to weed-eat around my orange trees but the sun is either blazing hot or it is raining. I just can not wait till fall - October.

Finally, by 9PM I figured out I need to redo my Saints Word Search and did.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Been missing a long time

I have been away for a good long time but in mind and spirit I have been around. I have read many emails, lots of other blogs, and I have looked over other TPT items but nothing has given me the go up & go to blog on my own.

Spent the day watching the "no rain" and basically nothing. Watched a little Glenn Beck and Pat & Stu while my wife went to lunch with my grand-daughter and our daughter.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

TPT items

This morning things have looked pretty good. I took all my vitals, BP/BS/weight. I read my emails, read the paper, walked the dog, got my wife up, took my pills, ate breakfast. And I even came up with a TPT item.....

its not much but at least it is something.

I even watch a little TV, ate some lunch, walked the dog again, watched a 'little' more TV, and watched my wife head off to get our granddaughter from school.

All in all, it has been a good day. No rain.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Been gone far to long.....

I have been gone for far to long.

Monday morning and nothing mew on the brain waves. Nothing new for TPT. I did not join their one day sale event. It just seemed like a waste after the last one was such a bust.

Going to go cut some grass this morning now that I have taken the dog out, enjoyed the breeze on the front porch, cat napped with the dog and cat outside, came in and gave them their 'treats', read my emails, placed an order from Amazon, made sure my wife is up.

Got the grass cut. There was no rain but lots of thunder.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday Morning

Boy, it looks so great right now...

I hope it stays this way; BUT I know it won't. It's gonna rain, probably around noon today just like yesterday.

We got out yesterday around noon with a cloudy sky but no rain. We went to Bed, Bath and Beyond to visit with my daughter-in-law, Bayli's mom. Before we could get out of store it was rumbling big time. I came out to get into car a saw a hug flash on lightening just to the south. Within minutes it began to rain.

We had to finish our business by driving across Lake Charles and making the drive we have to go thru a  monsoon - a HARD monsoon. We got to the other side of town and the rain stopped.

By 1PM it is raining again.....

Thursday, August 18, 2016

8/17 more rain

It was warm and dry yesterday morning,  so much that I tried to cut some grass. I did get the front yard cut but I kept bogging down because the yard was so wet. I did weed-eat some of the yard, al before  the skies open up again around noon. It poured until around three then it allowed my wife and I to get out and go to Lake Charles to check on her dad for a couple of hours.

I am not going to try to cut the remainder of our yard. It is just too wet. My big fear is our county grass. I've heard that it is super high and I can believe it. I've had trouble cutting it after two weeks and it has been three and a half with almost daily rain for the past week.

My grand-daughter started back to school yesterday. She seems to like it a lot.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

8/19 and it is sill raining

They are trying to just wash Louisiana away. Places to the east of us are underwater. Of course, that's what the news wants you to think. But they show only pictures that MAKE them look good and us look band. We seen it throughout Katrina, Rita, Wilma, all storms including this one.

Yesterday was nice in the morning but rainy after noon. Today calls for rain but it is nice outside for now. The current weather map shows all-clear from Houston to Baton Rouge but that is at 8:30AM. What noon will bring is ?????????

By noon it was raining and now it is rumbling now so I think it is coming again. The radar has changed a bit....

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Saturday and its....

Saturday and it is raining outside and all across south Louisiana
matter of fact the news is calling for rain today, Sunday, and Monday.

There for I am working on an item for my TPT store
that I have used before.

I fly BOTH the USA flag for my dad [US Army] and Father-in-Law [US Navy], my Brother-in-Law [US Army], my cousin [US Navy] along with my Grandson [US Marine]; and the Blue Lives flag for my brother [cop for 20+ years]; along with my Acadian flag for my wife [ family history dating back to 1755] and my Texas flag for my GGG-grandfather [born 1830s pre-Texas]. I support them all.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Thursday is here

Thursday is here, no matter how early it is. I woke this morning at 4AM  and could not get back to sleep. I think/thought I heard noises in/around the house. I got up and now here I am just reading the local paper online, check the webcast of our local TV news, took all my BS/BP/weight readings. An hour later I'm here blogging trying to keep my eyes opening and head up.

I have just checked my TPT account and it looks pretty good. Course I still have lots of time this month to get things online before my check rolls in. My only problem is that right no I can not think of anything to do for my 'store'. It seems I have got a brainfreeze.

From time to time I keep nodding off but I do want to just stay up but I know that I might go back to bed and 'nap' till around 7-8. I do know I need to go up to Walgreen's later, Walmart* later, may go out for lunch but that is all in the distance for now.

Last night we finished watching Netflix's Stranger Things - it was VERY good!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Tuesday came and went

Tuesday came and went under rain iPhone is beeping with warnings of lightening hits near our location. It is so wet right now that I can't even take the dog out. The thunder is so loud that the dog and cats are staying near my computer chair. They don't like the NOISE.

My goal was to get out and drive up to Wal*Mart but not now. I think I will just stay put. Maybe I can just watch Netflix or work on something for TPT.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Whole new week begins now....

Another start to another week. Great, I guess.

I did all my normal items this morning and yesterday but it seems it is really just more of the same. Spent a bit of time yesterday watching "Stranger Things" on Netflix with my wife. We both 'cat napped' during the afternoon along with our cats and dog. We both had very different late night suppers - she had cereal I had steamer veggies.

I slept very well last night, she is still sleeping, I typing here on this blog following reading of email, reading the paper and 'starting' on a TPT idea that just came to me while reading emails.

I have to finish getting dressed, put on my shoes, take the dog out, sit in the outside rocker for a bit, bring in the dog and give him his treat and then I can get back to my TPT idea.

We are suppose to take my grandson out to eat today but my wife can't seem to work out all the details between my grandsons, my son, his girlfriend, his daughter, the time, the place, etc.

It is just another week. What do you expect?

Saturday, August 6, 2016

This is Saturday, right?

I can not tell one day from another except for the fact that we go to church on Sunday. The rest of the week is a blur til my wife starts going back to teaching two days a week. That along with Sunday will keep things in prospective. Posting here is a way to force me into knowing the DAYS, I still generally don't know the DATE unless I look down and check the lower right corner of my laptop - hey, it's 8/6/2016 - wow. I did not know that.

Since I am not longer teach - and retired - I don't even notice anything about the school year other than my grand-daughter's school year. She keeps me grounded in a weird sort of way.

The time of day is another weird thing. Generally I don't notice the time either. Breakfast comes early whenever I get up - about 7 or so, after I weigh myself, take my BP, take my BS, take my pills, fix my Crystal-Lite, read my emails, read the morning paper online, check FB for a bit, put my shoe & socks on, walk the dog, sit in the rocker outside for a while, bring the dog in, get his 'treat', recheck emails, then blog a little bit, By then it's about 9ish. My wife will not get up till about 11ish, then she will have breakfast about noon.

I may have lunch around 1 or just wait until she fixes lunch around 3-4 in the afternoon. If I wait then we will not have supper period, which is fine with me.

During mid afternoon I may watch a little TV, things like the Glenn Beck show, Pat & Sue, etc. My wife will play on her iPad then nap for a couple of hours.

I would rather text my sister, her sister etc. But because of "issues" I can't and won't get into here, I am being limited even there, I can not even say anything here in fear of it getting back to her. 'Nuff said.

late afternoon/night means watch the local news, some TV and for me, going to bed about 10PM, for her going to bed between 1-2AM.

Hate my days. No wonder they all seem the same.

Friday, August 5, 2016

End of the week

While most bloggers are getting ready to go back to school I am just suffering thru ANOTHER DAY; yesterday looks like today, and TOMORROW will look just the same. I really, really miss teaching.

The only enjoyment is getting to read my emails but that dies off quickly.

It is HOT outside. Even the dog decided he would rather come back inside. That does not happen often.
My brain is basically 'dead' and I cant think of anything else to do for TPT.

Thursday, August 4, 2016


I just finished reading my morning emails and one caught my attention. The sender was emailing/blogging about 3 THING she loves which led me to thinking about my own lists....She did Poems, cats, candy bars, musicians, Beatles songs, Pearl Jam songs...    I will do my own lists...

Top 3 websites -
3) This site
1) My own site

Top 3 movies -
3) When Calls The Heart
2) Star Wars [original]
1) League of their own

Top 3 foods -
3) Boudin
2) Chicken/sausage gumbo
1) Crawfish etouffee

Top 3 restaurants
3) CiCi's Pizza
2) Tony's Pizza
1) McAlister's

At least this was kind of fun but I need to get back to creating some TPT projects.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Wednesday and TPT sale behind me.

It is Wednesday and the TPT sale behind me. I am moving on with more and more projects to work on. But to every cloud there is a silver lining so to speak. For this two day sale I did make $49 which came from mostly $1-2 items and those items were at a 28% discount.

Now I need to get back to creating more items for my store and helping keep cash flowing in. The money from the past two days is nice but I won't see it till around September 12th or so. That's a long way off.

For now it is still about thinking of some items that someone can use later this year or the years after. I will still redo some of my first items to sort of update them.

I have been working on my TPT banner which is now like the one above.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


And the sale goes on....
but I am not having much success. My sales have been miserable but that is to be expected.

However, I have continued to work on my TPT store

with items like this. Everyday I come up with something new, I sometimes wish I was still teaching just because I loved it but knowing my medical problems and know it is no longer possible.

All I can do now is create items for other teachers to use.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Monday and a TPT Sale

First let me say TPT and I - or should I say WE are having a sale for two days...
I hope I do well but I figure I won't. Heck I never have in any of these sale days. But hey, I may as well try.

I am still working on several TPT items. These are not finished but  am WORKING on them.
Here is one that is in the works. It seems like it will be cool to do now that it is done.

Also recently ordered....

Sunday, July 31, 2016


Saturday I have been working a little bit on a "Adult/Student" coloring page....

and I posted it for FREE in my TPT store.

Also just a note that TPT and I are hosting a major sale this next week....
it may help but as with most passed TPT sales, for me, it never helped.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday and home alone again

It's Friday and I should be saying TGIF but with it being the last day of Harp Camp PLUS the Harp Camp concert is late this evening...I am simply "Home Alone".

I have a few things I have planned to do but nothing major.  I need to go to Wal*Mart to get some extra dog treats plus maybe some cat treats. I will check on my cereal to see if it is back in stock, and I plan on getting a Subway sandwich. But other than that, I will just waste away the day....

The day has been boring already. I did get the trash out for pickup, I did walk the dog, I did sit on the porch for a bit. I have piddle around on a few TPT items.

Thursday & TPT

It is Thursday and all is going well. Plus I am creating new TPT items - or as I may say, recreating and 'old' item into a 'new' version of it. Plus I adding more new sheets to this old 'non-seller'...

and I have been a labor of love in a small bit.

TPT has been sending out emails tells us of an upcoming 'sale opportunity' next week. Guess I better get ready then.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


I started working on several TPT items last night or evening as my wife spent her time up working painting faces at CiCi's.

And I completed this one after thinking about songs in history such as the Battle of New Orleans by Johnny Horton back in the 50s.

Plus I also worked on another item as it got dark and I thought about all the hot sauces I had collected over the years....

and I really liked this one. But neither of these will make me much money. But they do fill my selves with items and ideas. I am up to 502 products for this new school year.

Today things seem a little better. No head spinning - however, it did start spinning about 5AM this morning but it was gone just as quickly.

Other than that I have a few ideas of TPT to work on today.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tuesday morning headspin

This  morning I got up to a spinning head. I am not generally having problems but this time I feel weird. It's not major just constituent. I have done all my 'testing', eaten breakfast, read my emails, read the paper, taken my pills, I done it all but my head still spins.

It's like right now - I HAD TO STOP, CLOSE MY EYES, AND REST FOR ABOUT TEN MINUTES TO STOP MY HEAD FROM SPINNING - it has gone away, for now. I don't like this feeling at all. Here - IT GOES AGAIN,.....

Ok, so I sat and waited it out. I eventually did go walk the dog, sit on the front porch for a while, then fed the dog and cats and came back to my blog. I'm still just a bit woozy but it is better. I do have to go to Kroger's since I did not go yesterday due to the rain.

Here - IT GOES AGAIN,.....I ended up taking a mid-morning nap of about two hours. I got up, walked the dog. changed my clothes and then went to Kroger's were they did not have what I went for. WalMart did not have it, Brookshire Bro's did not have it. Finally I went to Market Basket and they had my cereal and I bought four boxes of it.

Now going to have breakfast for lunch. What cereal you ask?

My all-time favorite - dry, no milk. I much them like candy. And THEY ARE GOOD! And to top it off, I am drinking a Crystal Lite Peach Mango drink. GREAT lunch/breakfast.

after ALL THAT, I feel better, but I best not say it to loud.

It's 4 in the afternoon and I am having my "lupper" - just a Steamers veggies. But hey, at least I'm feeling better. Been watching Glenn Beck on TV while the cats and dog are napping. I just feel very comfortable right now.

Just found this on Facebook. I am reposting this in honor of my very dear friend and next door teaching partner at Vinton Northside Middle School - Harry T. Methvin. I miss you Harry....

Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday morning smiles

I have just hit 500 items in my TPT store and it feels so good. I just uploaded my more resent item - a writing exercise on history....

and I know it will sell but it will not make me a 'killing'. But then again it made ME happy to just present it.

My sister came over for a visit and had a nice talk. My dog had a brief seizure which he has about once a month but I understand dachshunds have from time to time. He was ok in about 10 minutes and went back on his merry way.
Got to get out and run to Krogers to check on my cereal because WalMart does not carry it anymore it seems.

Sunday/Monday morning and all is good

Sunday morning

Sunday morning and all is good. Last night things went really well - all but the service at Applebee's, Our server got my order completely wrong then had to re-order it. My wife got her order on time and was 3/4 finished with it BEFORE I ever got mine. When done, the bill was not corrected or compensated - he charged use the FULL amount.

Other than that, the night was a success. My wife found and bought all the items she went to look for. Jewelry items for her upcoming project plus shoes she wanted and shoes for our grandson.

This morning all went well and church was great. The sermon talked to me.

Monday morning

This morning my wife took off for her teaching part in the university's Harp Camp for adults. She will be teaching at it all week.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Saturday morning and it is all good......

Saturday morning, the weekend, meaning another day of normality. I have had many of these days  over the past 3 years. In them, I have come to realize that things will NEVER go back to the way they once were. I wish they would but I know that won't happen so I need to just move on to the next chapter in my life.

The middle 27 chapters were interesting just like the first 20 chapters were. Now I need to move on the next chapters. These last 4 chapters have moved on VERY slowly and right now I'm not looking forward to this section on the book. But if it is like the past sections it will get better and more interesting. At least that's what I am hoping for.

My 'teaching' part of my life has come to an end and I looking forward to whatever God has in store for me now. I don't know what's out there but I am just waiting for what He sees fit for me now. He knows I have done all the things He has asked so far. I have worked for a LOT of different companies, run my own business for nearly 20 years, coached other peoples kids for 32 years, taught for 25 years, worked with the university with student teachers for 20+ years, been a faithful church going person for 50+ years, took care of my mom and dad has they got to the end of their lives, a loving father for 40+ years and faithful husband for 45+ years.

I just need to stop and listen to what He is telling me about the next chapters of my life.