Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Bad to Good in one text message

Bad turned into Good in just one text message yesterday. My wife got a text message from our daughter that she had been talking to her son, the Marine, and they ironed out their difference and both her sons are coming for Christmas Eve dinner.

We did some last-minute Christmas shopping last night plus we picked up our granddaughter for an overnight stay.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

A very good and a bad day -

A very good and a bad day....

The good day came with me finishing a teaching/review too that I uploaded on to my TPT store site -
it is to be used as a review type game for my Louisiana history classes. It should work really well. It was fun to create and put together.

The bad day came yesterday and it deals with divorce, separation, or just bad blood or ill feelings. It started when my daughter called and wanted us to come for dinner on Christmas Eve her house. Not going to happen. It puts us in a RUSH to get to church that afternoon. She still has not even had her son over to their new house to meet her new boyfriend. She says she wants it to run smoothly but I don't see  that happening.

My wife and I are still 'all about church' and trying to do that BEFORE mass is not a good move. We have been doing a Christmas get together after mass for years and years and years. Well before even my mother-in-law died and that's was years and years and years ago. My wife has always been doing or helping with the Children's Christmas Eve mass - and year is no different.

My daughter GREW up knowing this because she even took part in the CE mass years ago and so did her children. My son and his children did - and are - doing that also.

Christmas is suppose to be about family and this year SHOULD be the same.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Cowboy Up

Cowboy Up is the new mantra for my university Pokes because we just hired the new head football coach - an alumni of the team and his motto is -
We hope to see them do well. He says he wants to be the first coach that wins a National Championship - and just might do it too!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Another day closer -

Another day closer to Christmas and I'm alone again. My wife took off to follower her 'former class' on their annual Christmas concert tour. She did the tour for years and now is helping her replacement do the same thing.

The tour includes her  string orchestra, the dance class, the choir, the piano class and the drama club traveling to our partners-in-education, a local bank, the mall for concert and lunch, followed by a trip to the nursing home across from the school. It has been a great tour over the years and it is the gift that just keeps on giving - year after year after year.

Later tonight she will do her 'face painting' activity at my son's place of business. Me? I plan on going to Wal*mart, looking on line for a couple of Christmas gifts - that's about MY day. Wow, exciting, I know.

Yesterday I was supposed to be Santa for photo my daughter was going to shoot but it got called off by the people who 'didn't know much'. It got called off because they were afraid they would be told "no" by the power at be.

It happened this way. The photo shoot was to be did for a donation to the youth orchestra at the university. It was all arranged, I was in costume and ready. I was driven to the university and was ready when 'the powers-to-be' decided that they better not do it because they were afraid they would get in trouble.

Now the problem was that they went ahead and did their 'end-of-semester' concert for donations ANYWAY. Parents HAD to pay to see their own kids play in a concert for which they had paid for the whole semester. A concert playing music that they are NOT supposed to collect for due to fact that it is illegal.

Parents HAD to pay to hear THEIR own kids preform but photos that they did not have to take was a 'no go'. Does that make sense? Not to me either.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Just fumbling around

I have been just fumbling around yesterday as I began - and I mean BEGAN to work on a TPT project -
I have lots of projects that I have started but never finished. My laptop desktop is littered with projects - ideas that I have but never finish, ideas that I work on almost daily, and ideas that are nearly complete.
We went out to eat last night and I did not even finish my meal. It was just to big. To much friend food. I would rather go to simpler places that use much smaller plates - or stay at home.
After while I just gonna have oatmeal after I take the dog out and feed him AND the cats and get everything finished for my morning routine - which I am tired of.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Immortal Nicholas

I  have been reading this book for the past couple of days
- No I will NOT give the ending away. But the book was interesting. Not great, but it kept pulling me back in even when I decide I had had enough. I kept wanting to know who was the Immortal Nicholas. The book is written about Agios and the times he when through, his son, and his "other" son, and his "OTHER SON" and well you will get the picture. I would put the book down but pick it back up again and again and AGAIN till I finished it in much less than a week. It would have been much, much less if I had not put it down.
I'm glad I bought extras so that I can give them as Christmas gifts to my religious friends. Glenn writes about the Christmas story he wants HIS kids to know - not the one about shopping, gifts, and Santa.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Working on...

Working on a new TPT item for Louisiana Landmarks bingo. It is taking a butt-load of time but it is what I want to do.
It is not ready yet, but it is slowly coming. Just need to finish all the questions first.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Been piddling today

Have been working on a project for TPT. Another one, a cheap one...

It is no big deal but it did take most of the day to finish it. But hey, it is something to add to my 'store' at TPT. I will not make a killing but my general store is full of 'cheap' items yet my former student teacher is making a killing a her store - Lovin Lit.
Hey, what can I say. I taught her well - or at least I'm taking credit for it.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Last 'alone' day

Today is my last 'alone' day; well sort of. My wife has her Messiah concert late this afternoon, then she gets to come back home before starting her week all over again.

Yesterday, I got the carpet steam-cleaned, the Christmas tree up, and my university football team's game on TV - which they lost. Today I still have to walk the dog, head to church then go by Wal*Mart to pick up a tree skirt, get some label stickers, and some small boxes, plus I need to wash the last load of clothes, put up the last load of dishes etc.

Of course, the sun has to come up FIRST, then I can start my day. By the way my BP & BS & weight counts were great this morning. It will feel strange not to be 'alone' anymore.

My TPT item was posted in an email this morning - along with LOTS of other items. It is what it is.

Sun is up but the dog is not. At least, not yet.

Been to Wal-Mart at about 8 am, shopped a bit, came home and got ready for church. Church took about TWO  hours due to coming back of ladies from A.C.T.S. retreat. Then, we had a luncheon for the women and their families which took another hour. After that, my wife took off for her Messiah concert - her 44th year and the concert's 75 year. After that she is going to run up to civic center for my grand-daughter's girl scout singing of Christmas carols. By then it will be dark-thirty.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Alone for another day with one more.....

I am alone but things have been going okay.   

It is Day 2 and I have gotten lots done but not everything. I did get part of the carpet shampooed and will finish today, got my car battery changed, got clothes washed - need to finish folding them and get them put away, got dishes washed - need to get them put up, got trash emptied and taken out, got my blog updated, searched through TPTs blogs and saved a few links to middle school ones that sound interesting. I also got to watch a little TV after coming back from my sister's house late last night.

Today I have a short list of things I didn't do yesterday but I plan to get to them.

It is Day 3 and I am finally going to post something. Day 2 came and went with nothing special happening. I did get 'part' of the carpet steam cleaned. But I did go to bed real early - and I mean REAL early - 7:30 to be exact. But I did sleep really well.

Got up and did my normal routine, read the paper, checked my emails, took the dog out, now going to finish the carpet, go to Wal*Mart.

Just uploaded my newest item to TPT....
hoping I will get a few new hits.
I have been trying for three days to get into my own yahoo webpage but they have changed to another company and the REPETED TIMES I have called them over the past three days I can not get anyone who speaks ENGLISH. They don't understand me, my problems, and I really don't/can't understand them. If you are going to answer the phones in AMERICA. you need to speak AMERICAN English - PERIOD!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

December is here....

December is here and things get crazy this weekend. First let start with my car - which wont start. The Chevy place wants to charge me over $400 to replace the battery in my nearly new Equinox - $400.00!

The second part of this weekend is the fact that my wife is co-music director for our church's A.C.T.S. retreat which starts for them on Thursday and runs thru Sunday's mass. That is followed by Her 40+ years in Messiah orchestra - the concert begins at 3 I think. Therefore this will be a "crammed" weekend for her.

I need to get back out to the country and cut grass for last time this winter but I doubt that will happen due to rain each day this week, my no go car, and her retreat.

- - - - - - -
It's Thursday, my wife just left for her retreat and I'm home alone with no car that works, and lots of projects I have in mind to get done. I 'need' to shampoo the carpet, put up the dishes, dust mop the kitchen, wash a couple of loads of clothes, clean the counter in the kitchen, put out the trash, cut the backyard, etc, etc, etc.

I also want to work on a fe TPT projects while I am not bothered but I may not get to them either!?!

Basically, I'm sitting here putting things off because I have four days to get it all done - knowing full well that I don't really. I need to get a few of the items tackled today to keep up.

Home alone and I mean ALONE is not the way I wanted it.
= = = = = = = =
I did manage to get my car started. Now just have to take it up to Wal-Mart this afternoon. This morning I have taken the dog out, cleaned and emptied trash, blown off the front drive from all those dang acorns, cleared the dishwaster, washed a couple of loads of clothes, moved all the furniture in the living to get ready to steam clean the carpet. Now eating lunch, then hauling the trash out before heading to Wal*Mart later.
- = - = - = -  =  -  =  -
I just got my car battery changed and it cost me $107.00 as opposed to what the Chevy place wanted to charge. Plus it was done in under 30 minutes and I got to shop a little while I waited. Now I am going to go cut grass for a bit.