Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Bad to Good in one text message

Bad turned into Good in just one text message yesterday. My wife got a text message from our daughter that she had been talking to her son, the Marine, and they ironed out their difference and both her sons are coming for Christmas Eve dinner.

We did some last-minute Christmas shopping last night plus we picked up our granddaughter for an overnight stay.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

A very good and a bad day -

A very good and a bad day....

The good day came with me finishing a teaching/review too that I uploaded on to my TPT store site -
it is to be used as a review type game for my Louisiana history classes. It should work really well. It was fun to create and put together.

The bad day came yesterday and it deals with divorce, separation, or just bad blood or ill feelings. It started when my daughter called and wanted us to come for dinner on Christmas Eve her house. Not going to happen. It puts us in a RUSH to get to church that afternoon. She still has not even had her son over to their new house to meet her new boyfriend. She says she wants it to run smoothly but I don't see  that happening.

My wife and I are still 'all about church' and trying to do that BEFORE mass is not a good move. We have been doing a Christmas get together after mass for years and years and years. Well before even my mother-in-law died and that's was years and years and years ago. My wife has always been doing or helping with the Children's Christmas Eve mass - and year is no different.

My daughter GREW up knowing this because she even took part in the CE mass years ago and so did her children. My son and his children did - and are - doing that also.

Christmas is suppose to be about family and this year SHOULD be the same.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Cowboy Up

Cowboy Up is the new mantra for my university Pokes because we just hired the new head football coach - an alumni of the team and his motto is -
We hope to see them do well. He says he wants to be the first coach that wins a National Championship - and just might do it too!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Another day closer -

Another day closer to Christmas and I'm alone again. My wife took off to follower her 'former class' on their annual Christmas concert tour. She did the tour for years and now is helping her replacement do the same thing.

The tour includes her  string orchestra, the dance class, the choir, the piano class and the drama club traveling to our partners-in-education, a local bank, the mall for concert and lunch, followed by a trip to the nursing home across from the school. It has been a great tour over the years and it is the gift that just keeps on giving - year after year after year.

Later tonight she will do her 'face painting' activity at my son's place of business. Me? I plan on going to Wal*mart, looking on line for a couple of Christmas gifts - that's about MY day. Wow, exciting, I know.

Yesterday I was supposed to be Santa for photo my daughter was going to shoot but it got called off by the people who 'didn't know much'. It got called off because they were afraid they would be told "no" by the power at be.

It happened this way. The photo shoot was to be did for a donation to the youth orchestra at the university. It was all arranged, I was in costume and ready. I was driven to the university and was ready when 'the powers-to-be' decided that they better not do it because they were afraid they would get in trouble.

Now the problem was that they went ahead and did their 'end-of-semester' concert for donations ANYWAY. Parents HAD to pay to see their own kids play in a concert for which they had paid for the whole semester. A concert playing music that they are NOT supposed to collect for due to fact that it is illegal.

Parents HAD to pay to hear THEIR own kids preform but photos that they did not have to take was a 'no go'. Does that make sense? Not to me either.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Just fumbling around

I have been just fumbling around yesterday as I began - and I mean BEGAN to work on a TPT project -
I have lots of projects that I have started but never finished. My laptop desktop is littered with projects - ideas that I have but never finish, ideas that I work on almost daily, and ideas that are nearly complete.
We went out to eat last night and I did not even finish my meal. It was just to big. To much friend food. I would rather go to simpler places that use much smaller plates - or stay at home.
After while I just gonna have oatmeal after I take the dog out and feed him AND the cats and get everything finished for my morning routine - which I am tired of.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Immortal Nicholas

I  have been reading this book for the past couple of days
- No I will NOT give the ending away. But the book was interesting. Not great, but it kept pulling me back in even when I decide I had had enough. I kept wanting to know who was the Immortal Nicholas. The book is written about Agios and the times he when through, his son, and his "other" son, and his "OTHER SON" and well you will get the picture. I would put the book down but pick it back up again and again and AGAIN till I finished it in much less than a week. It would have been much, much less if I had not put it down.
I'm glad I bought extras so that I can give them as Christmas gifts to my religious friends. Glenn writes about the Christmas story he wants HIS kids to know - not the one about shopping, gifts, and Santa.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Working on...

Working on a new TPT item for Louisiana Landmarks bingo. It is taking a butt-load of time but it is what I want to do.
It is not ready yet, but it is slowly coming. Just need to finish all the questions first.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Been piddling today

Have been working on a project for TPT. Another one, a cheap one...

It is no big deal but it did take most of the day to finish it. But hey, it is something to add to my 'store' at TPT. I will not make a killing but my general store is full of 'cheap' items yet my former student teacher is making a killing a her store - Lovin Lit.
Hey, what can I say. I taught her well - or at least I'm taking credit for it.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Last 'alone' day

Today is my last 'alone' day; well sort of. My wife has her Messiah concert late this afternoon, then she gets to come back home before starting her week all over again.

Yesterday, I got the carpet steam-cleaned, the Christmas tree up, and my university football team's game on TV - which they lost. Today I still have to walk the dog, head to church then go by Wal*Mart to pick up a tree skirt, get some label stickers, and some small boxes, plus I need to wash the last load of clothes, put up the last load of dishes etc.

Of course, the sun has to come up FIRST, then I can start my day. By the way my BP & BS & weight counts were great this morning. It will feel strange not to be 'alone' anymore.

My TPT item was posted in an email this morning - along with LOTS of other items. It is what it is.

Sun is up but the dog is not. At least, not yet.

Been to Wal-Mart at about 8 am, shopped a bit, came home and got ready for church. Church took about TWO  hours due to coming back of ladies from A.C.T.S. retreat. Then, we had a luncheon for the women and their families which took another hour. After that, my wife took off for her Messiah concert - her 44th year and the concert's 75 year. After that she is going to run up to civic center for my grand-daughter's girl scout singing of Christmas carols. By then it will be dark-thirty.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Alone for another day with one more.....

I am alone but things have been going okay.   

It is Day 2 and I have gotten lots done but not everything. I did get part of the carpet shampooed and will finish today, got my car battery changed, got clothes washed - need to finish folding them and get them put away, got dishes washed - need to get them put up, got trash emptied and taken out, got my blog updated, searched through TPTs blogs and saved a few links to middle school ones that sound interesting. I also got to watch a little TV after coming back from my sister's house late last night.

Today I have a short list of things I didn't do yesterday but I plan to get to them.

It is Day 3 and I am finally going to post something. Day 2 came and went with nothing special happening. I did get 'part' of the carpet steam cleaned. But I did go to bed real early - and I mean REAL early - 7:30 to be exact. But I did sleep really well.

Got up and did my normal routine, read the paper, checked my emails, took the dog out, now going to finish the carpet, go to Wal*Mart.

Just uploaded my newest item to TPT....
hoping I will get a few new hits.
I have been trying for three days to get into my own yahoo webpage but they have changed to another company and the REPETED TIMES I have called them over the past three days I can not get anyone who speaks ENGLISH. They don't understand me, my problems, and I really don't/can't understand them. If you are going to answer the phones in AMERICA. you need to speak AMERICAN English - PERIOD!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

December is here....

December is here and things get crazy this weekend. First let start with my car - which wont start. The Chevy place wants to charge me over $400 to replace the battery in my nearly new Equinox - $400.00!

The second part of this weekend is the fact that my wife is co-music director for our church's A.C.T.S. retreat which starts for them on Thursday and runs thru Sunday's mass. That is followed by Her 40+ years in Messiah orchestra - the concert begins at 3 I think. Therefore this will be a "crammed" weekend for her.

I need to get back out to the country and cut grass for last time this winter but I doubt that will happen due to rain each day this week, my no go car, and her retreat.

- - - - - - -
It's Thursday, my wife just left for her retreat and I'm home alone with no car that works, and lots of projects I have in mind to get done. I 'need' to shampoo the carpet, put up the dishes, dust mop the kitchen, wash a couple of loads of clothes, clean the counter in the kitchen, put out the trash, cut the backyard, etc, etc, etc.

I also want to work on a fe TPT projects while I am not bothered but I may not get to them either!?!

Basically, I'm sitting here putting things off because I have four days to get it all done - knowing full well that I don't really. I need to get a few of the items tackled today to keep up.

Home alone and I mean ALONE is not the way I wanted it.
= = = = = = = =
I did manage to get my car started. Now just have to take it up to Wal-Mart this afternoon. This morning I have taken the dog out, cleaned and emptied trash, blown off the front drive from all those dang acorns, cleared the dishwaster, washed a couple of loads of clothes, moved all the furniture in the living to get ready to steam clean the carpet. Now eating lunch, then hauling the trash out before heading to Wal*Mart later.
- = - = - = -  =  -  =  -
I just got my car battery changed and it cost me $107.00 as opposed to what the Chevy place wanted to charge. Plus it was done in under 30 minutes and I got to shop a little while I waited. Now I am going to go cut grass for a bit.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Survived the cruise

Yep. we survived the cruise. Overall it was OKAY. We had fun most of the time. The weather was okay, seas were rough, but 'in port days' were okay - way to short but okay. We did have fun in Cozumel and our tour of Progresso was sort of cool.

Cozumel was a lot of walking but I got to sit and people watch while my son, granddaughter and wife had a good time on the beach. Afterwards we went to an open-air Mexican restaurant to eat. We got back to ship with time to space - about 15 minutes.

The next day we were in Progresso and took a bus tour to a Mayan temple and again a ton of walking. We also got to tray another open-air Mexican restaurant which was good. We also got back to the ship with a little more time to space.

My granddaughter spent much of her time on board with her favorite three items - swimming in the hot tub (which she did A LOT), singing Karaoke (which she DID A LOT OF), and spending time with her Mommaw. 

She slept with us two nights, in her own room three nights, ate a HUGE breakfast with us two days, walked all over with all of us, NEVER cried, laughed at the comedy club, enjoyed the 'towel creations and show', loved to take pictures - which the ship at about every three of four steps.

She NEVER asked about her mom, never wanted to go home, never asked about her dog, nothing.

I just ordered the first of my Christmas presents - The Immortal Nicholas by Glenn Beck. A book that I have heard about for months. I wanted a copy - and a copy as a gift. Gift One down.

Monday, November 23, 2015

The good and the bad

3 1/2 hours til we leave home to traveler to New Orleans to head out on our cruise. Our grand -daughter reminded us last night that SHE has been on  three cruises and this is our FIRST. And she is only six years old. Makes us OLD PEOPLE sound really OLD.

First let me say that our university got a good - and a BAD draw in the brackets. The good is that we got a bye the first week, but the bad is who we might have to play the next week - the team we just beat in order to win the conference.  
Maybe we will, may be won't have to play them. Then the worse could happen and we COULD end up playing the #1 team - but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

24 hours to go

24 hours before we leave for New Orleans and our cruise. Our son is making a big deal of it on his Facebook page. He has been touting his coat, cloths, gift, everything. Me, I still not crazy about this but I now I must SMILE and let it just happen. It is mainly about ME not being 'in charge' which I always have been. He has done it all, evening printing out all our 'pre-boarding' material. I had already done that but he just handed it all to my wife yesterday.

We just got back from All-State yesterday, picked up the dog, came home, rested a bit, when to vote, went out to supper and came back to start getting last minute items together.

I got up early, did my normal stuff, read the paper reports about our local university football tem going UNDEFEATED last night against our very local rival. 

We went UNDEFEATED even with our first game being against LSU - but then that game got rained out, or should I say lightening out.

We have church this morning, a stop by AT&T, a trip to Wal*Mart or a few last minute items, some last clothes washings, some last minute pacing then off to bed before an early leaving to morrow and a trip BACK down I-10 to Baton Rouge and on to New Orleans and the cruise.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Pre weekend, weekend, All-State, and Cruise

Weekend, All-State, and Cruise; it's all coming at me fast. I can count the days on one hand. I have started to slowly get  excited about this cruise - sort of, kind of. I'm more interested in the weekend, our college football game with their undefeated season, All-State - I'm NOT looking forward to the drive down there, but All-State is okay.

But then we come home and pack and have to drive back the same way we came. To much driving in too short of time.

Weekend first. Friday, my wife runs off to go to mass with my granddaughter, then lunch, then comes back to get me and we head off to Baton Rouge for her assistance with orchestra check in and Saturdays orchestra meeting which could turn ugly. Me, I stay home, take the dog out, feed the cats, wash towels, finish blogging, packing for this mini trip....my normal routine.

Sunday is church, running to Wal-Mart for last minute items, packing bags for a much longer trip. I won't be blogging for several day, but who cares, no one reads this anyway. :-(

Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday, Monday, MONDAY

Monday comes and Monday goes so they say. I have lots to do today and lots to get done before the day is over. Been over to look at the kennel place for the dog while we are gone on our cruise. It looks REALLY nice and come highly recommended by our pet doctor also. Then been over to see our son's house which is in the process of being remodeled. The old trees are now gone, ready for concrete as soon as it stops raining.

Thinking of other TPT items to work on for this evening. Weather "says" tomorrow will be stormy and rainy. I did create a cheap TPT item...
just to have something to do.
Plus I created this item also
They are both CHEAP but you never know what somebody will need.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday means the weekend is near

I know that the weekend is getting near. It also means our cruise is getting near also. However, I am still working on my TPT items such as -
which should mean more money next month or at least in January.

We have a short overnight trip to All-State next weekend, then two days later our cruise will begin.

I 'babysat' my G-D last night, took her out to eat and did her homework also. She spent the night and then we took her to school with plans to go have lunch with her today. Corse, we don't eat lunch with her because it is just too EARLY to eat when the first graders have 'lunch'.


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Been slaving around today

Been slaving around today trying to get something done for TPT and came up with and item - actually 8 items that go together but don't go together. Items that would work for just about any Historical figure in any chapter....
These items come from my brain, my jump drive from freebies on TPT and just from anything.
It has taken me most of yesterday to complete this item. It was fun to work on.
I got up early this morning before sunrise, took my BP/BS, weighted, read my early morning emails, the paper and working on this blog. All before the sun comes up. Now thinking about the dog, what I want to do today, about having to keep my G-D this evening as my wife runs off to her 'retreat practice' again.
I still have other TPT stuff to do but I did have TPT put my money into my PayPal account yesterday. Nice, at least now I have some Christmas money.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Midweek again already?

I spent yesterday working on a new TPT project just to clear my mind of the ones I NEED to get finished. I worked on a new magazine cover idea...
It came out really good and it will give me energy to work on my other projects.
I spent way to much time this morning 'chatting' with AT&T about my email. Seems like my email account was 'locked' due to a huge amount of hacking - about 1,200  "failure notices" over the last couple of days. Clearing my email, resetting my password, and chatting online with AT&T took an hour. And during that time I could not get up and leave my laptop or even do other busy work because our 'conversations' would be timed out.
I finally got it done, and took the dog out, feed him and the cats. Now I have read the online newspaper, had breakfast, taken my meds but I am still waiting on emails to come through.
I guess I better get to work on my other projects...at least one so that I can upload it to TPT for tomorrows mail notice.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Weekend PLUS Monday...

I was sort of busy this past weekend. Saturday I was chaperoned around while my wife ran her errors. She was getting her flu shot at Walgreens before our cruise, then we went to pick up a program that my son advertised in at the local Marching Festival, then we went to look for the shoes she wanted. After then failed attempt for the shoes in Sulphur, we head to the Lake Charles store. She found them there. Afterwards we drove to CiCi's pizza where my son works. We had a nice supper then drove back to Stage for my wife to buy a couple more items before we headed home.

At home I followed Tweets about our university football game while watching LSU get beat up by Alabama. Our local team won AND won the conference title.

Sunday morning we headed for church followed by my wife having to go work a 'practice' retreat before the real one coming up. Then she went to play at 5pm Mass.

I watched the Saints get bashed by Tennessee then I finished working on my TPT project.
They all are not quite ready yet to be uploaded. But one or all of them should be ready sometime today - I hope. 
This morning my wife got up and ran to Lake Charles to help her former student who took her place at the middle school put on the Veteran's Day program.
Me? Well I walked the dog, fed the cats, read the paper, answered emails, and worked on my TPT items. Just another typical morning or me.
It is amazing that I have not gotten any comments on this site. I guess that is why I don't blog much.


Friday, November 6, 2015

End of week

This morning I did my "morning have to" items. And yesterday I also did what was asked of me by completing a set of Task Cards for the government section of Louisiana history for a teacher in New Orleans...
She also emailed me this morning a very sweet email offering me the opportunity to lead several tours and do some in-class lectures. Sweet but no thanks. Then she emailed back about asking the university if they were still looking for a professor of American history and Louisiana history.
I checked my emails this morning and got one from Stage saying my package has arrived in town this morning and should be delivered today. It means "My new pants have arrived!" I bought a new set of Hagger pants online when I finally found the right ones that I have worn and worn since the last time I found them at the local Stage store.
I need to start creating new items for my online store. I means I need to start looking around for something else to cover.
I spent the day creating a Time Traveler Journal project.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

MidWeek is OK, but....

Midweek is strange. With the time change it gets light earlier which then make me get up earlier which then means I have to take the dog out....well, you get the picture. I end up doing everything earlier than normal. I just wish I could sleep longer like my wife does. I keep looking at the clock in the lower right of my laptop and groan.

My brain tells me to get up, my body says no way, but the brain always wins out. I set back at my desk read emails, think about things I want/need to do.... (gro-o-o-oan), why don't I do....

I think I have a case of .... let me check my online bill paying ..... I need to check my wife's also ..... I need to read the paper ..... now, what was I saying?

I have been outside again - blue sky, no clouds at all. I've walked the dog at least as much as I could. I've checked tracking of my FedEx package.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tuesday, it works for me...

Tuesday may become useful I hope. Yesterday I finished and uploaded a couple of projects to TPT. Not major, but they were a couple of minor projects.
Now I may start a few more minor projects today or even go back and finish my major task card project that I got away from. It all  depends on how I feel later today.
Went to Lowe's to get oil and oil filter for my lawnmower. Came back and have been working on setting up my wife's page on my laptop.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Monday Again

Seems that Monday was just here a few days ago. This past weekend has been busy yet boring in the same breath. One the weather has been terrible. But not what they were expecting. Just raining and RAINING.

Friday my son had his daughter and Saturday we kept her - most of the day. My wife and GD went to my sons shop and helped with their Halloween party when turned to be crammed full. My wife got home very late. I had been watching our university play football plus I did not want to go get hung in all that madhouse at CiCi's Pizza.

Sun we again got our GD for church and my wife and her went to he school carnival which got rained on late in the day. I watched the Saints game. After it was over I watched a movie when a LOUD BANG knocked all the electricity off for the entire block. Suddenly I was in the dark late in the day. I text Entergy and was told they would have it fixed by 7:30.

About that time my wife and GD came home and since it was getting very dark in the house we decided to go out to eat. My GD finally decided where she wanted to go eat and we left heading that way - only to find out they were closed Sunday evening. We drove around and found a restaurant that may she would eat at so we stopped in.

I finally got a text message that the electricity would not be on til 9PM. Yuck. My GD needed a back before school today. That would be tough in the dark. So we decided to stop by my son's house and give her a bath, wash the pink out of her hair all while we were waiting on the electricity to come back on.

As we were heading home very LATE so we could put my GD to bed I got another text message telling me that the electricity was restored finally. We got home and my GD was amazed that "all" the lights were on - she's only 6, so she had to find out on her own that EVERY switch did work.

She played with her/OUR dog for a few minutes and went to bed. She was asleep in a blink of the eye.

Today she got up on time, got dressed, had breakfast, and has been taken to school - on time I think.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday - lazy time

You think I would want to get this next chapter done, but no. I am just tired and have not really done much but get the background stuff done.

When I got up this morning I ask myself if I really, REALLY anted to work on my project? And to be honest, I had to say NO. Not because I don't want the project but because I'm just tired to working on them. That will change in the near future I now but for now I want to work on other items.

I have several projects in the works - by several, I mean a dozen or so. They are all at one stage or another. I have weather project, time zone projects, Huey Long projects, 5 teams of geography projects, etc., etc.

I am up and listening to Dallas Strings Quartet on Pandora and looking over the boat that our son has booked us on. I mean I have done nothing this morning for my projects. Also have been surfing this blog for other teachers sites.

Fixing to head out to get a copy of my birth certificate for the upcoming cruise.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Midweek and still working...

It is midweek and I am still busy working on my task cards for TPT and listening to Pandora in the background. My choice today is the Dallas String Orchestra. They are cool. My TPT project is this one....

and it has taken over 15 hours to get it done this far. I still have 2 or 3 sections to go in this chapter.

My wife is still sleeping, I have taken the dog out, eaten by breakfast - a banana - set back to work on this item. I have read the paper, answered emails, searched items from Stage etc.

You can see why this project it taking forever.

I finally got them done. Wow, at least the next chapter is done. I did a set of 'what if' questions for the Huey Long chapter.

I am now 'working' on my next set.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tuesday work -

Today, I spent much of it working on my TPT project, but my wife and I went to Jennings to get her copy of her birth certificate, I have to order mine or we have to drive to Orange. Any what we also stopped on the way home to eat at the GreenHouse salad shop. It was cool.

I'm working on Chapter 12...
I'm not nearly finished with them, but I have started.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday blues.....

It is still lightly drizzling and it has gotten colder. I'm working on another set of Task Cards for my TPT account. It is going to take a while because it is on a chapter I HATE and don't really teach that well - Reconstruction. I love the Civil War - the chapters before and much after but I really don't like the Reconstruction Era. Never have. Sorry.

I began with...
Then I move on to items in this chapter. Next is the cover or title page I work on...
After I do this I begin all the background stuff such as pages, notes, back cover and everything BEFORE I actually begin the questions for this chapter.
It is hard to create cards for this chapter. My mind tends to wander and I find myself doing/looking at other things. I think of other things I can be doing.
The rain has stopped, the wind has died down, but it is still cold outside. I would rather be outside than here with these cards. I have quit working on them twice now.
It has been over 7 hours working on these cards and I just finished and uploaded it.
Time to start my next chapter, Ch. 12.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday morning

Weather does not look good today or this full weekend or Monday or....
Due to the awful weather,  spent my Sunday listening to Pandora and working on my new TPT item that I just uploaded. It took me about 5 hours but it is now all done.

Thursday, October 22, 2015


I mowed grass in the country yesterday while looking towards the sky looking for rain. We did not get any but it is coming this weekend.

After coming home, I began to work on my new TPT project. It may take a couple of days but it is 'in the works' at least.

I just posted a link to the item.

Then I did a set of Task Cards for the next chapter.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Midweek just might be....

Midweek just might be an interest story. My plans include going out to the country to cut grass this morning as my wife heads off to church with my grand-daughter. I posted my favorite holiday item on TPT yesterday, My Ghost Story Task Cards...
Maybe I will have some luck with it just like all the other items. Yesterday was a HUGE day with email messages coming in like crazy with people buying stuff all day. WOW! I even uploaded it to TN but I know it won't sale there at all. Nothing ever has.

I also picked up another teacher to mentor over the past three days. That has been fun - that makes five this fall.

I did go to the country to cut grass before it is said it will rain. It is still like bailing hay out there but it all did get done.

I came back and began working on my new' set of task cards for TPT.
They are not ready to post online yet but I am working towards getting them ready at least.

Monday, October 19, 2015

New day, new week

New day, new week, new things to do, things to get done. It's very cool outside and I need to get our yard mowed so that I can move on to the country yard tomorrow. The weather looks good all the way til Thursday, that its turns ugly with lots of rain - at least, that's what they are projecting for now.

Later today I need to work on my NA Task Cards for TPT and get emails answered.
I also bought and modified a scary story twist for a new teacher friend of mine in north Louisiana.
It only took about 10 minutes to make it fit hat we needed for this Halloween season. It is a cute idea, and for a Louisiana ghost story activity it should do the trick.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday is a slowdown day

I hate to say this but right now I am not looking forward to this Thanksgiving. It's the fact that our son is planning on taking us on a cruise. My wife is 'sort of excited' and I am 'not excited' but that will change as we get closer to the leave date.

For us. it is interrupting our usual All-State plans since we can only stay one night instead of four. We will drive to Baton Rouge Friday and come home Saturday only to go back I-10 again this time to New Orleans on Monday. This will be a grueling go/comeback/go again style weekend. I THINK my son and his girlfriend and our grand-daughter will ride with us or we will ride with THEM to New Orleans.

Anyway, the cruise will leave Monday and get back on Friday.

My sister is telling me to be happy that my son wants to take us, all expenses paid. I would be if I wasn't 'handicapped' like I am. Used to be, I would be excited but for now I'm just 'ammmmm'. At least I have been looking at the cruise online - expenses, what we can do and can't do. I have found out that parking is expensive - $18 a day, but it is onsite and protected. Food is unlimited but my wife and I only eat maybe one small meal a day. The rooms are adjoining which will make my grand-daughter happy - she can go back and forth between her daddy and her maw-maw. See, I'm never in the picture.
We did not want my son to pay for us but he did anyway. The time of the trip is double the normal cost but he wanted his daughter to go and her mom did not want her missing any school - so we go during the Thanksgiving holidays.

This trip kills our All-State and Renaissance Festival weekend also - but 'oh well', it's one week. Of course my wife has not thought about it still being 'hurricane season' - I know actual hurricane season is 'officially' over November 1st but I have seen hurricanes form all the way into January.

Besides researching the cruise, I am busy working on another set of TPT Task Cards for my online store covering Louisiana Native Americans...

This set should be ready Tuesday or Wednesday.

Friday, October 16, 2015


Thursday I completed a new TPT item for the Civil War...
After that I stated putting together another project for the Huey P. Long chapter...
 It is done and posted now.
This morning I got out and cut the backyard and weed-eated the fence line. Then it just got to hot to continue.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Tuesday's- No, Wednesday's World

I'm left in a world of unknowns as those around me battle over land that has been handed down through centuries since before Louisiana became a state.

My wife is 'fighting' with her dad as he wants to sell off land in Cameron parish. Land which has been passed down from generation to generation. And he just wants to sell it off for much less than my wife thinks it is worth.

It is not a huge section but it is a family section that goes way back. It is only 69 acres but as my wife says it is 69 acres that you can NEVER GET BACK. It should be handed don to my wife and her sister and their children and their children. But it my not.

It is sort of like the old farm in Sweetlake. What's left is only 4 acres of what used to be 100 acres.

- - - - -
Her dad DID NOT SALE the land - that makes my wife happy now.
- - - - -

I spent much of Wednesday working on another TPT project because I have been asked to by a teacher who has bought my previous three Task Card set

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday, time to...well...

Sunday should be a day of rest but I'm up early, read the online paper, waiting on my normal Sunday emails, and thinking back on hat we did yesterday, My wife did her usual job of All-State tallying of scores and helping with what she could. I did....well, I didn't get to do what I used to do since I'm retired, no longer teaching, blaw, blaw, blaw.

I actually walked the dog, fed all of them - dog and cats. Watched a little CBS morning TV which I never get to do. Ate some cereal  and came back to my laptop for a while. It has been 'just a morning of rest", not a day yet, but at least a morning.

Got back from church, had lunch, then my wife took the doc to his 'training' class. me I sat around and thought about story telling. I have always love to tell stories and a history teacher that is the part I have always loved best. Stories can hook your student then you can just reel them in if you do it right.

I guess that has always been my 'strong suit' - stories of all types, geography, people, events, times, I love them all. It's what I have been doing with my TPT store.

My wife's g-g-g-g-grandfather, a Cajun, was looking for someone to meet and date one day - since everyone in Grand Lake was related - decided to row across the lake to see who was over on the west side. He ended up meeting a young girl over there and he began to row across the lake every day or so to spend time with her.

He began to help her dad herd cattle and he stayed longer and longer, ultimately marrying the girl and lived on the west side of the lake. He came back from time to time to visit his parents and ultimately would be buried on the west side of the lake and would be forgotten until this young man would marry his g-g-g-g-grand daughter and start looking for his burial site.

After months of research his site was found and everyone loved the story about how he had rowed miles around the lake to marry a Granger on the west side of Calcasieu Lake near the town of Hackberry.

The story became just part of the narrative of the Acadians of my wife's family dating back to the early 1700's in Acadie (Nova Scotia) before they were expelled and made their way to south Louisiane.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday- hooray!

It has got to be fun today. It is the end of the week but not the end of everything I am doing.

I got up EARLY, about 5:30, and got online. I am also working on several new TPT items as I see my online store's account slowly move higher and higher as emails keep rolling in.

I am currently working on a 'bundle' of Louisiana items that are just little 'bits' of info that don't really amount up to a major project.
It includes a Dot-to-Dot map of Louisiana, a Pick-a-Parish project, an African American internet assignment and other single, simple items. It's all little bits of me from my years of teaching.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thursday's good to go...

Today might be a much better day than yesterday. There is mass with my g-daughter, lunch with my g-daughter, ACTS workshop for my wife tonight and - I have no clue what I will do.

I have completed a new item for my TPT store and I MAY work of something else for my store today. Just don't have any clue yet.
My TPT item deals with Louisiana's famed Loup-garou or Rougarou or werewolf in general terms. It is based off a story by someone else's story about a bigfoot experience. I just turned it around to be about our own creature.
I have several other plans for TPT and hope to get around to one of them today.
I have taken the dog out, given him his treat, feed him and the cats, my wife just left for my g-daughter's mass - lunch and she say she is gonna have to pick her up AFTER school also before her mom gets off to come get her.
I work all morning in silence of another new TPT product about the Louisiana Native Guard. Very cool I think.
It's a throwback to my days at Oak Park Middle School - an all-black school which I LOVED!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wednesday post POST

Yesterday, I went to the bank to clear things up with my accounts and cash the check. According to online the accounts were now gear and according to the teller everything looked fine. Should have known better, more in a minute. She also checked the check, could not cash it, sent me to the branch manager and she said the check was fraudulent. More on late in a minute too. I had been told my cards and account were now clear and clean so I left went outside to use the ATM. They would not work - still frozen.

Branch manager said the check was fake but the CU staff said it is NOT fake and now wants to upload the cash to my PayPal account so that I can get my comp plus finish the assignment.

However, researching the way I do I finally found the info I was looking for at NCLnet It gave me names, wording, how it this SCAM started and what I could expect - which was nothing. Oh they kept trying to convince me that it was not fake but after about a half hour and sending them links to this site, they gave up and have not called since.

I have my bank account back in working order, I have thrown the check away, reported the scam to the NCL and the Fraud division and to the state's BBB. I feel better knowing that I 'almost' got scammed but as a teacher I know better and don't mind researching all day if I need too.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Monday later....

I just got an email from the Credit Union that the check was written on. They were wondering what the problem was also. So with the me, the company AND the CU we can figure out what the banks problem is and has been.

Other than all this, I had a good night, we kept our g-daughter overnight, and my wife just took her to school.

I've done my morning routine with the dog, cats, meds,emails, etc.

I have been texting the CU about this check - which my bank THINKS is fraudulent. But it is not. The CU has told me that when the money is sent back to my account, to just go case it out.

They sent me to the bank to "cash" the check. I told them that I knew that wasn't going to happen but they insisted. I went, the bank said no, and while there was told the account looks like it had been forged. The check had to many 0s in account number.

I texted back the CU and they said the bank just does not know what they are saying. The I was asked if I have an online account? which I do. They said that may they could just post the money there. To me that would be only because you can't post money there unless you have MONEY. So we will just see.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

What? ? ? ? Why? ?

Got an email telling me that the company wants to pay me a $1,000 dollars for all the trouble I have had. I used to LOVE my OLD, OLD BANK but they were a local sectional bank - good to people, they knew every one, always willing to help; then they got swallowed up by a statewide conglomerate, that was ok for a while before they got swallowed by a big NATIONAL bank. And THEY don't know you from anyone else and truly don't care about you. My only reason for staying is that they have branches ALL OVER the country.

So the company is willing to pay me even though it is not their problem - per say - but they just want to make things better for me. My bank seems to think the check the company sent me was an illegal or copied or fraudulent check. Maybe it was just a check my bank had never seen before - who knows.

When I deposited the check, all was good. But after they processed it, my bank suddenly said the check was bogus and they put a hold on ALL my money - technically freezing all my accounts and all my money. The company has had to call the bank to clear up any misunderstandings. It was not the companies fault, but my banks fault.

I have had to do without my own money since Thursday. My bank even called back any payments I have made since the first - my car note, cell payment, cable payment, credit card payment etc. They are crazy. Maybe they should have to PAY me not the company.

I have Googled the check issuer and it is a very well known Credit Union in S.C. So what is the problem? They check has all the right symbols, markings, etc.

Now you see why I have been in such a bad mood since Thursday - and still am. Maybe they can get things reset Monday. Maybe.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

BORED to tears....

I am BORED to tears.. MAD may be a better explanation. Maybe even ANGRY would be correct. Whatever, I am very unhappy with what is going on.

But I did just get an email telling me that their company is going to compensate me $1,000 for all the trouble my bank has caused me - and them. So lets just see what happens on Monday.

I have also been getting email from my SSID company because I have not signed nor returned the disability forms they sent me. I just have not had time yet to even sign the eight page they want so they can go to SS about my knee/foot problem and my lack of being able to work.

Got to get all this done ASAP it seems.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Middle of the week (now END) of week

It is the middle now END of the week and I just finished my mystery shopper assignment and hope it is the last. I love the money but I am still afraid of the 'catches' I know have got to be hanging out there somewhere.

It has HAD  a major 'catch' because it caused a lock down of my account(S) with the bank saying my accounts were frozen due to FRAUD or a STOLEN check deposited. I have never deposited a stolen or copied check. NEVER.

The company has been gracious in trying to fix the problem. My contact says the check IS GOOD and is working to fix the problem. But I want my accounts cleaned up and my own money available so that I can get my medications, buy some groceries, put some gas in my car plus get some gas for my mower in the country.

It is strange to go back and forth with my agent. She has been so understanding - I guess.

It is very, very cool outside today. As I took the dog out I could tell he was very frisky. He was pulling on his leash lie crazy. He actually pulled me off the last step coming down from the porch. He had to go 'tinkle' bad! When he came back in, he and the cat chased each other across the house several times.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tuesday it is

Tuesday, and the check finally clear my bank at about 5:15PM and I will have access to the money tomorrow. Cool, then I can sent the money on it's way so that I can get out from under this MS program that I got myself into. It seems to pay well but I'm still afraid of it and I still believe it is all a SCAM.

You never know until you know...and I don't know, not yet.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday it is...

Monday, Monday, MONDAY...

Over the weekend I got myself involved in a 'secret shopper' deal that could be a scam or it could not. I have read and read all the items that come up on a Google search. I have read all the 'be aware' items and I have email the agent a BUNCH of times over the weekend and she still tells me to deposit the check and wait for it to clear THEN proceed with the assignment.

Now if they are looking to SCAM me there not much to SCAM because a very poor subject to deal with and I am nosey as all get out. as a handicapped individual I am still waiting on my SSD check with at best is still 5 months to 2 years away. I don't get much from my retirement and I don't make a killing at TPT even thou it is better than it used to be.

I am waiting on an email back about this companies website so I can read more and analyze more before I move forward. If they knew I was going to pick them apart and over check them as much as I have, they would not have chosen me, that's for dang sure.

But as I research more and more, this company seems to be more and more legit. May it is but I still worry until I know for sure.

We kept my g-daughter over night last night then took her to school this morning. Her dad with pick her up after school and take her to school in the AM.

Working at my laptop and reading the websites of MSers and reading emails back and forth with my MS 'guide' has become very interesting. She has been very nice and forceful all at the same time. I don't know weather to believe her or fear her. Guess the time will come. She tells me that when I do my first assignment as per this first letter, I will get the web address, my next assignment and will be very happy to be part of their group.

We'll see.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Got Grass cut in the country and wife is off at A.S.

Got grass cut in the country this morning before it started raining and my wife is off at district Honor Band tryouts today.

We had supper yesterday with my 80+ year old Father-In-Law and his 'girlfriend. We all ate with the 'senior citizen's discount' and we all took to-go boxes home and had enough for lunch & supper today. The meal and the company was very relaxing.

The grass in the country was super high and I cut it on the highest setting our mower would go. I got most of the four acres done before the rains came. I will go back the next pretty day we have so that I can finish.

My wife has worked our district honor band tryouts for years and years. She seems to like all the walking collecting score sheets that she does ours.

Gonna be very quit around here for the next 4.-6 hours. Guess I'll work on something for TPT and my website.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Just looking for something to do...

Just looking for something to do/create/make/revise/change anything. So what did I come up with? Nothing ready. Just an information organizer for my own state. It is nothing fancy and it will never make me any money but 'hey, you got to start somewhere.'
I have also been searching for all the right parts for a Jeopardy PPt game about our parishes. I did find all the parts, sound effects, words, and graphics. Now I just have to putting it all together.
I have been along most of the day. My wife took off for our g-child's mass, then lunch, then she came back for a while before she had to go pick her up after school. Then she took off for her A.C.T.S. meeting for this week.
Me I just took care of the dog, babysat my g-daughter til her own mom got off from work. Other that that it has been a long quiet day.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

It is amazing but...

It is amazing but... The but comes from the fact that over the past 12 or so months I have gotten NO comments about anything. Nothing on funerals, project, Dr. visits, student teachers, nothing. It is not that I really car, but it is the fact that I wish I had the commenters that I used to have when I was at Xanga. Those people were there everyday and they kept me on my toes. Today it is all about - 'no one'. I have become a voice in the dead internet space.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Doctor visit, yard cutting, & Anniversary of hurricane

It's all coming together for a very busy day her in SW Louisiana. I started my day very early due to the fact that I have a doctor's appointed this morning. Was voice mailed the notice yesterday as a reminder. I'm not sure what it is ford other than I think it's about my 'drop foot' and just to check on me. It's also just another way for them to get more money out of me.

I'll let you know when I get back. from my visit.
(Dr. visit was a 3-month diabetics checkup. Everything scored VERY WELL plus the Dr. loved my new brace and all the paperwork on it that I brought to her.)

I still have yard work to do here. (Cut the rest of our side yard and the backyard. All done except the weed-eating.)

Now I'm just going to eat lunch, sat and cool off till about 4, then go get gas for my car and heal 20+ miles to the country to cut grass out there. (Got back from cutting in the country. Got 2 acres done before it got to late to see and I got tired and hot. Came home to shower and think about supper.)

Just an note to the fact that 10 years ago we were forced out of our home a escaped to the Dallas/Fort Worth as hurricane Rita hit our area. We did not have MAJOR damage, just lots of trees down and had our garage was collapsed under one of them.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday, back from Florida funeral, got new anckle brace...

We a currently back from our quick trip to Florida and my aunt's funeral service. We had a great time if you can believe it meeting with cousins I have not seen in years, having a great meal. The only downside of this trip was the lo-o-o-o-ong drive to get there.

We did stay overnight a couple of nights but it was because of the drive. It took one full day to get there then one full to get back which I have said,"ain't the way to travel".

We got over there way after dark the first night, had the service the next day, then had a great meal and visited with family and friends, then got up the next day and drove back, getting in after dark again. A long three day trip but all-in-all worth it I guess.

Got back home to find out I did get my new ankle brace and it seems to be working great. Basically it's an in front "L" brace instead of my old heavy back of leg/heal boot. This new one is from X-Strap and I wonder WHY no one told me about this years ago. I have been stuck with this heavy boot brace for over three years, I always hated it. It has slowed me down, It caused my gait to be abnormal. It has caused me to not want to do anything, caused me to slowly gain weight, caused me to become more 'antisocial', caused my anger to flair up, etc.

Now the new one  days. But for now it seems to be working and it is MUCH lighter - MUCH lighter. It has given me hope, at least for now. I'll let you now better in a couple of days.

I can suddenly wear my old 'normal' shoes instead of my current larger shows. My normal is a 12 but the one for the old in-shoe brace had to be a 14 which may not sound like much but it is/was. Plus I had to remove the insole before I could even wear it whit the old brace. Not so with the new one.
It is still dark:30 outside but when it get daylight I gonna head out to walk the dog with my new brace then I can tell you more.
- - - - - -
Just walked the dog and it 'seemed' much nicer and easier to walk but on the other hand I was a little more shaky or unstable but I think that comes from just not being sure this will work - but it did. I even came up the steps - straight up - with no side-step or sling-step. Which was amazing. The brace is so much lighter. I got to go try Wal-Mart now. :-) 
= = = = = =
Been wearing this new brace all day and it seems to fit well and wear well. It has made me happy.