Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Depession is over, nervious is setting in

Why am I here? That is the question I have. I am no longer depressed, just nervous. I have been select to start next year at a new school. It is a local charter school and the principal WANTS me due to all the things she has heard about me. I am excited because of what I seen of the seventh graders and what they are telling me about the other "teachers" there.

Seems many of the school's "teachers" are just bidding their time or they are so new that they can't get a job with the regular school system. I have been in the school system for more than 25 years and glad to move on.

After watching various teachers keep giving these students bookwork daily it is no wonder they are bored. I would be too. I am not that type of teacher. We do everything from worksheets to games to projects to posters to lapbooks to writing sequels to 'building' models of hurricanes to math to plays to taking notes to re-teaching the class to artwork to jeopardy to who is smarter than an 8th grader to creative writing to creating songs to bell-ringers called LaGumbo to Facts of the Day to group work to maps to many more - oh, and yes, we do take tests - sometimes.

But I don't want to do all the work. I figure the more I get them to do the better it is. Students never know what to expect when they walk in the door - it's always a surprise.
I love my job and I am not ready to hang it up - not yet, not anytime soon.

Here I am, typing for myself. No one posts any comments, makes suggestions, wishes me anything. I am just typing to be typing,