Saturday, June 22, 2013

Vacation [sort of]

As the summer slowly passes by, I hope I am getting things done that will help me this coming year, I have worked on my monthly calendars so that I stay on track to get everything done that I need to. I have looked through ideas, webpages, blogs, TpT [ a dozen times], and made notes after my dreams at night just to be ready.

I know that I am told over and over to “unwind that enjoy vacation” but I just can not. I may be old – 62 but I I still love teaching and it is all new to me. Maybe I should slow down and yes I want to slow down but it seems no one else wants to “slow down to my pace” heck no one wants to run at “my pace” so I guess I will just do what I do around all my friends and family.

I plan vacation time, but I plan vacation time a round stops to see historic sites – on the “down low” so nobody notices. I am planning weekend road trips this summer just so I can go see something that I want to go see. Heck I do my road trips for the past 10+ years.

No one and I mean NO ONE wants to go with me because I can’t tell them “how long we will be gone’. “where actually we are going”, “when or where the potty breaks will be”, “when or where we will eat”. “What actually what we are going to see”, “just that we are leaving and coming back on this day”. I have over 10,000 photos from around the state that I use during classes. I have TONS of stories that I can tell my students, pics I can show them, and places I have been.

My next road trip is to northern Louisiana to see the Bonnie and Clyde museum. From deep south Louisiana it will be a long drive but I will make it a long fact learning, picture filled day along the back roads of Louisiana. Just another educational learning day on the road.

I will mix it in in-between all my other things to do this summer as I count down to the beginning of another school year. Heck Monday I will go back by school just to see what has been happening, visit with a few friends, pick up mail, and talk to the principal and assistant principal.

School has a break but I never try to ready take one. Sure I try to do “vacation” for aout a month then I really start resetting things for another year.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

One week into summer

It seems odd but I have downloaded so many “freebie” projects from various teachers at TpT. I have even paid for many but the ones that I use so much at one that I have tweaked to fit my students own needs.

Here it is Sunday morning and I am working of various one page items that I can use this year to demonstrate an item or some such thing(s) in class. I came across a free item today about timelines that I just had to tweak to fit my own needs. It is nothing major but it will get the message across for the other items that we will be doing.

You never know what you can make your own unless you try. I will be going into my third year at my private school this year and I am looking forward to it so much. I even started working towards the upcoming year about six hours after the previous year ended. Fellow teachers have emailed me asking how I can do that instead of enjoying summer. It is just me I told them. My brain works different than theirs.

I worked on lesson ideas on my birthday, I am working o items on Father’s day, I am always thinking of different ways to get the lesson across to my students. I am sorrow but it is just the way I work I guess.

The time line I just tweaked game from Mr. Gallant from Bossier City, La. I didn’t plan it that way. I bought his Jeopardy template that I love and just went to see what he had at his site and there it was – a freebie. I began to tweak it and now it is my own for my own students. It is what I send so much time doing.
Mr. G is an elementary teacher and will never know how I am using his freebie but my students will, I can assure you. Teaching at a private school, my students come from all over so their dates and places for 1st grade and/or 6th grade are all different so that will make a group of three's Timeline all different. However they will have to agree on high school graduation even though it may be from different school.