Sunday, April 28, 2013

3 weeks or less to go!

It has been a month since I last posted and life has run along just fine - I think. My only problem has been the yearbook but I am getting there. I am realizing what needs to be done and I will talk to the school head in a couple of weeks. Maybe we can change it for next year.

It is so funny in a weird sort of way. Here we are, 15 days until the end of school. I have loved every minute except that the administration is always watching me. No matter what I do or say, someone is telling the office – the wrong thing – just trying to get me in trouble.

The year is nearly over and I really can’t wait. I am so looking forward to my ‘new’ class of eighth graders. I have known them for two years now and they know me. We get along so well. Sure there are those “strange” children but I still like even them. I cannot wait to begin teaching them.

Having signed my contract at least tells me that I must be okay in someone’s eyes. I have to my middle school compadres that I don’t want to speak at this year’s graduation but I REALLY want to get involved with the newest class.

After talking to my teaching buddies, they have all said that even after 20+ years they are still not “friend” with the office. They feel on the ‘outside looking in’ as they say. Okay, I have over gone through two years so I don’t really feel bad.

In 15 days I will be ready for a new year and I hate to say it but I am already putting my calendar together with what I want to teach and the order of what I have planned. I take tons of things from TpT and then convert them over to Louisiana history and I have tried many of them out this year. I have tweaked several of them, And even tossed a few of them away since they “didn’t work” with my current bunch.

But I only have 15 days until I feel RENEWED and ready to really “TEACH”.