Monday, October 22, 2012

Been away for a while

I have been looking around at other blogs and it seems that there are so many new ones in the middle school section of TpT. I have also gone around and downloaded a few freebies and a few products that just might work for my own history classroom.

During this time I have also looked thru lots of old “Mailbox” magazines and converted ideas to fit my own classroom. Being that I teach Louisiana history I know that there is almost nothing out there for my subject so I have to be on my game just to create things for my own little world.

 I have come up with several items that have worked well for me and have shared them with teacher friends around the state. I have been begging and begging for them to share what they do but little has every come back my way.

Is it just me that has some great ideas or are they afraid to share? I would love to help all the new teachers out there in our state but I have to have items that they think may work for someone else if this is going to be successful.

I love what I do and I am smart enough to know that so many ideas out there have to be reworked just so that they can be used in our own state. Our history is very rich in people, culture, music, and food. We just need to share them with each other. Our state is celebrating our own 200th birthday this year and it would be nice if we all began to “SHARE”.