Sunday, April 29, 2012

Things are beginning to happen around my site as more and more people seem to be stopping by. They are emailing me and looking over my items. I have told several of them that I would be glad to have them try my items and then let me know what they think. I would be glad to re-do the item for them if I need to.

It seems they want just a little bit of information and they then run off and try the material. Hopefully they like what they bought. Several of them have said my items are too cheap so now what do I do? Increase the price a bit? Do I post even more items? I have a jump-drivr full of items that I have used all year but only a few here.

We are about to start SAT testing this week so I really will not have time to upload much as I have to take care of my students during this week. I am doing “read aloud” for a few special needs students this year. Next week I can upload more items. Special request items that I have been asked about that I have.

I will also re-price a few items, do a new pricing schedule for my new items, and take down a few items that have not sold at all.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Money not in the bank!

“It would be so nice to get a BIG check but hey I am taking anything I can get at this point. I am just a little and I mean “little” middle school history teacher who gets checks like $1.50 and 65 cents. But, I know that some day it make pick up and then I might be able to answer what I will do with a really nice check. In 9+ months I have earned $16.50 total.”

I keep reading about teachers who are enjoying their checks and what they are doing with the money they have made. My check over the last 9+ months has equaled just over 16 dollars. Not much. But I am beginning to get a few email notes that my products sold today. One here and one there.

 I have been getting a few visitors hanging around my store from time to time. I went from listing everything for free to changing a buck to now I am changing a whopping $1.50 for many of them.

I have not done lots of pretty little fluff artwork on them. I have not given them lots of extra things that you have to print out. They are just my normal stuff that you might be able to really us in class for middle schoolers.

I know that the elementary school wants fluff for their kids but middle school just wants stuff not fluff. They want what works for someone else. If it didn’t work, I would not post it here.

On the left side of this blog you can see lots of things that I have in my store. Most of them have worked this year and some I have created for next year’s class. Just look them over and see what you might use. Be sure to email me a genglish at and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Just be sure to put an @ sign in place of the “at” and I will get to it ASAP!