Friday, November 4, 2011

Little and almost nothing

I haven’t posted here in a while simply because I figure it’s not worth it. I blog on my other site almost daily but I have readers there that comment each day and are very supportive. Here – not so much.

My students have finished their Louisiana Native American booklet project and next week I get observed. 22 years of teaching effectively and I’m still being observed to see if I’m doing it right. I don’t care, it ain’t gonna be a “dog and pony show” no matter what they want. I plan to do what I do no matter...

Today the 7th and 8th grade will be at Millennium Park working on the rebuild. You can check it out HERE. Not sure what we will be doing all day but it is a project by the school. They did their part ten years ago in the original park build. It was burned down last year by a “THUG” and now it has to be rebuilt. I hope the “THUG” – they did catch him – gets life for destroying a favorite place of little kids.